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On the cut throat streets of Tarkis orphaned teens like Rath end up jailed or dead So when the shadowy Janus Group offers Rath a chance to earn riches beyond his wildest dreams he seizes it But the Janus Group is as ruthless as the elite assassins it controls Rath will have to survive their grueling off world training and fulfill all fifty kills in his contract before a single cent comes his way And ending so many lives comes with a price Rath can't anticipate It'll certainly cost him what's left of his innocence It may well cost him his life Interview with the Author What makes the Janus Group series specialA Growing up I loved books like Ender's Game and the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series When I sat down to write the Janus Group books I wanted to capture what I liked bes Review of RATH S DECEPTION by Piers PlattJanus Group 1Rath s Deception is the first in a delightful hard science fiction series set in the somewhat distant future Distant because of many colonized planets faster than light travel medical upgrades far in advance of anything dreamed of today except in science fiction and highly advanced nanotechnology controllable by the user The protagonist is a young man with whom most readers can identify We first meet him at fourteen devoted to his brother Vonn who works for a small time criminal enterprise and in avoidance of their addicted parents Rath has an eidetic memory but when he loses Vonn he leaves home and drops out of school Three years later he is recruited for testing to enter an organization so secretive that the real name is never known employees contractors are killed if incarcerated and the mere idea of such a group is considered fantasy a sort of long lasting urban legendAuthor Piers Platt neatly constructs a multiplicity of worlds and smoothly handles the science and medical aspects The Group s ability to mimic not just in voice and mannerisms but in biological appearance is phenomenal and fascinating

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T about those books sci fi thrillers or action thrillers in a fast paced style The series is best characterized as cyberpunk science fiction thrillers with a little detective and police procedural elements thrown in to boot Finally I like my characters to be relatable and facing overwhelming odds the plot is action packed and keeps you guessing Beware plot twists ahead What order should I read the books in A Last Pursuit is a short story set in the Janus Group world it's the preuel and the story that inspired me to write a full series You can read that first for free then Books 1 3 Rath's Deception Rath's Gambit and Rath's Reckoning in order from there Books 1 3 are a complete story arc Book 3 resolves everything from Books 1 and 2 Why should readers give these books a try A Because I received a free advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewCall me morbid but I m kind of a sucker for cold blooded assassins When the author offered me a free read for review copy I agreed without hesitation The premise alone was enough to piue my curiosity mysterious group recruits and trains troubled orphans to complete contract kills and once the contractors complete 50 kills they re entitled to 50% of the profits from said contracts But everything is not as it seemsI have to say that for the first half or so of the book I anticipated rating it 4 stars There was something about YoungRath that irritated me a little but I was curious enough about what would happen that I was willing to keep reading I m honestly not sure if I really love Rath as a character but he did grow on me as the book progressed and I do like his story I found all the contractors technological capabilities really intriguing At first I thought all their implantshemobotsForges would give them a level of power and skill that would make the things they did seem totally unrealistic and while that was still the case to an extent they didn t seem too out of place given the futuristic environment I found all of the tools Rath used to solve problems really interesting and even with his enhanced abilities he still had to fight his way through every mission so it didn t seem nearly as far fetched as I was afraid it would As the story moved forward I became and curious about what was going to happen Realistically I probably would have given the book 45 stars but I m rounding up to 5 simply because I was pretty engrossed there toward the end There were a couple of parts where I was thinking EhhhhhI know this is sci fi but I doubt that could have actually happened and I did feel like there were some kind of expository chunks of dialogue that gave the reader a lot of information that I would have preferred to figure out on my own But neither of these things made me scoff or throw my Kindle across the room in disgust so I m just kind of overlooking them I do have to say that I appreciated the fact that the author has a military background and therefore used correct terminology when it came to firearms tactics etcOne other small thing I enjoyed was the occasional glimpse into the control room where The Group was monitoring all of its contractors There was something fun about getting that inside look and I liked how those scenes also told us a little about what the other contractors were doing I m very excited to see how things play out with the other two contractors who have been introduced to the story particularly Contractor 339because if there s anything I love than badass assassin characters it s badass lady assassin charactersThe intrigue of Jason Bourne meets the tech and grit of Terminatorin space This is kind of a dark story verging on cyberpunk but it s a story I enjoyed very muchOh and it might be worth it to suggest reading the preuel short story Last Pursuit I actually read it while I was about halfway through this book It could serve as a good introduction to the series or in my case a refreshing look back at a different character going through the same struggles as the characters in the main story

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The Janus Group books are fast inventive page turners that kick ass and take names They've been described as Jason Bourne meets Bladerunner Any fans of hitman books science fiction assassin tales or cyberpunk thrillers will enjoy them Can readers get the whole series in one bundle A Not yet sorry just haven't had a chance to get around to it But sign up for my newsletter at copy and paste into your browser or follow me on my author page here at to find out when I do release a bundle Thanks for readingThe Janus Group Series eBook CategoriesSci fi actionSci fi thrillerCyberpunkGalactic Empire Corporations ConspiraciesBounty hunter KillerAction adventure Suspense PulpCrime Detective Mystery MurderAIs Artificial intelligenceSpace Space travelGenes Genetic engineeringSpace warrior Milita High stakes thrill ride truly entertainingPlatt has found his niche in writing a series that is fresh inventive and captivating Rath orphaned is sold the idea of joining a super secret organization of highly lethal assassins His task Get 50 confirmed kills and he gets 50% of the monetary rewards The only thing is he can t get caught and he can t fail regardless of the assignment Can he make it to 50 and can he trust his employersThink Jason Bourne with the high tech of James Bond combined with a space age covert military operator and you have a hint of what Rath and the Guildsmen are capable of Excellent storytelling

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    This was a fairly average read It was mildly interesting but never exciting It was pulp sci fi with a noir mystery feel The world building was pretty good and the plot was moderately interesting The flaw that held this back from being a entertaining read was the fact that none of the characters inspired any level

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    Review of RATH'S DECEPTION by Piers PlattJanus Group #1Rath's Deception is the first in a delightful hard science fiction series set

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    Decent cyberpunkish thriller but nothing to keep you on the edge of your seatSo Rath enters a very hush hush guild of untraceable assassins He has 50 kills to perform before hitting the jackpot and retirement A journalist and a cop are trying to get proof of the existence of this guildAfter basic training it's basically a succession of murder before a subplot emerges and goes toward an end you can see coming from miles away around half t

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    I received a free advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewCall me morbid but I’m kind of a sucker for cold bloode

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    The Janus Group is an interplanetary corporation that operates assassins For law enforcement its existence is no than rumor and it's been that way for a few hundred years They have a uniue recruitment program They recruit o

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    My original Rath's Deception audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerRath’s Deception by Pier Platt is the first novel in a series called The Janus Group After becoming an orphan at a young age

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    Unfortunately i did not find this book gripping novel or even interesting in tiniest of bits Its plain unimaginative and so very shallow Every time i turned page i fought urge to put the book down Finally I did I just did not get any feel of character development plot development or anything a kind Just some sup

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    High stakes thrill ride truly entertainingPlatt has found his niche in writing a series that is fresh inventive and captivating Rath orphaned is sold the idea of joining a super secret organization of highly lethal assassins His task Get 50 confirmed kills and he gets 50% of the monetary rewards The only thing is he can't

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    Unfortunately I found the book absolutely painful to read Perhaps I'll give the second book a go but only because I finally became partially invested in the last few chaptersA few of my major issues with the nov

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    Rath's Deception is a burned spy story with a twist Instead of starting with a veteran agent who is framed for something they've never done we follow Rath orphaned and disconnected on the lower tier of his planet both soc