[Peyton Novak] Selling the Pretty Boys Secrets [young readers Book] eBook – Kindle and Epub

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  • Selling the Pretty Boys Secrets
  • Peyton Novak
  • English
  • 11 August 2017
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2 thoughts on “Selling the Pretty Boys Secrets

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    It gets two stars because it started as a really good story it was fun and different from all the books and stories I've read but the author seemed to forget about the main idea and the rest of the book turned into the typical teenage romance novel Also the characters lack of depth and descriptions If it wasn't for the picture attached to the book I'd have no idea what the main character looked like The story also has w

  2. says:

    Started off really good and different and was a very uniue story but then I dunno it kinda like someone said felt like they forgot what they were originally writing about Still was an interesting read

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