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FREE VIDEO How to Mesmerize Any Audience With Humor 75 Value READER REVIEWS a good read with loads of strong content that anyone will find useful a book teaches simple and yet powerful tricks tactics strategies for becoming a GREAT public speaker a useful road map that includes practical advice for both the novice and journeyman public speaker Written in a friendly humorous style From 's best selling Author Peter The Reinvention Guy Fogel's new book Public Speaking Secrets of the Pros Insider Tips Tricks and Techniues to Help You Captivate Any Audience Any Audience Any Time Any Place Peter Fogel shows you

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Public Speaking Secrets of the Pros

6 Sure Fire Ways to Begin a Speech So You Make a Greater Impact 20 Sure Fire Ways to Get FREE Killer PR for Your Speaking Business 7 Proven Tactics to Effectively Branding Yourself As a Speaker The Secret to Creating Smooth Transitions During Your Speech Hands Down The #1 Challenge to ANY Speaker and How to Overcome It How to Speak and Get a FREE Cruise All At the Same Time How to Correctly Use Humor in Your Presentation The FREE Video How to Mesmerize Any Audience With Humor is available for a limited time only so please order Public Speaking Secrets of the Pros today ### National Speakers Association S

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Peaker Sales Writer Corporate Trainer and Award Winning Humorist Peter The Reinvention Guy Fogel has worked or appeared on over 22 television shows including Married With Children HBO's Comedy Central PBS From Cruise Ships to Performing Arts Centers to Corporate America he has done it all Now he pulls back the curtain and gives you in the Trenches Techniues learned from over 30 years of Public Speaking and Performing in front of diverse audiences You too can captivate any audience you get in front of It's not hard once you use these Insider Secrets Don't forget to visit Peter Fogel's Author Central Page a

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    I have been involved in Toastmasters for a few years now and uite a few of the techniues Peter talks about reminded me of the various speeche

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