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Billy Winston’s family is going to see him happy and in love if it’s the last thing they doNo one deserves a happily ever after uite as m Unlimited Amount of Stars and Hearts Congratulations 2019 Best Romance Semifinal Round Nominee Review Spoiler FreeIn 2014 Penny Reid introduced to the world the Winston Brothers in her crossover book Beauty and the Mustache She took Ashley from our Knitting in the City group and brought her back to the family home in Tennesse Little did we all imagine how impactful it would be to our hearts and minds And in my humble opinion I think a lot of other savvy authors took note too because it seemed everywhere I turned to read there were these sexy men with BEARDSJust Sayin But I digress The Winston Brothers became a series that took me on a journey I never knew I wanted to go onReid does that naturally with all of her books If you haven t read Reid please take a look at her entire catalog there is something for everyone So this Winston family has been the passion of mine from the start and one of the main players has been Billy Winston He is the one brother who was part of every story yet still was a mystery We would get bits and pieces hints as to why he was who he was yet never enough to satisfy As the series worked its way through all of the siblings the one brother we all had a neverending interest in was Billy Earlier this year the backstory of Billy s and Scarlett s younger life and love story was released It is NOT a reuired reading Ms Reid is very emphatic about it To read it might be too intense for someI can honestly say Ms Reid covers what is necessary for those who have not read Beard with Me to feel as if they have a handle on Billy s and Scarlet s issues and feelings for each other However if you have the ability to read Beard with Me you will experience something uite touching and real It is the foundation of the type of love someone has for another that has no boundaries or limits they will do to protect and shield the other Which brings me finally to Beard Necessities The love Billy and ScarletClaire have for each other is thereit has always been there It has just been incredibly difficult for both of them to be on the same path together at the same time It has been like they were in a tall maze where they started out together and then due to both being stubborn or misreading cues or both they separated got mixed up and could never find the path back to each other Oh they could hear each other and try to direct which way to go only to get deeper and deeper turned around At one point both seemed to be stuck Each living life going through the motions but with this undercurrent of want and need for the otherAll of this turmoil has not gone unnoticed by the entire family The main manipulator and constant thinker of things Cletus has decided enough is enough He assesses the situation sees an opportunity where the conditions are perfect to enact a plan and calls a meeting of the minds As Ms Reid states at the very beginning of the blurb Billy Winston s family is going to see him happy and in love if it s the last thing they do This journey for Scarlet and Billy will not be the easy road without bumps or hiccups but it will be the perfect one for them and us All is revealed all is displayed each loving confusing and sometimes humorous moment We are also gifted with the entire Winston family and extended parts Cletus is there in full glory doing that perfect Cletus thing The other brothers have their moments and any leftover pieces of previous uestions about brother relationships are answered This wonderful ending to the Winston series made me want to start it all over againI know I willI just need to find a block of time to do it The great news is this Winston Family will not go into the deep night never to rise again Ms Reid has already planned a new series with Cletus and Jenn Engagement and Espionage Handcrafted Mysteries 1 2020 is right around the corner so the wait for me won t be too long Beauty and the Mustache Knitting in the City4Winston Brothers 05 Truth or Beard Winston Brothers 1 Grin and Beard It Winston Brothers 2 Beard Science Winston Brothers 3 Beard in Mind Winston Brothers 4 Dr Strange Beard Winston Brothers 5 Beard with Me Winston Brothers 55 Beard Necessities Winston Brothers 6 the series that started it all Neanderthal Seeks Human Knitting in the City 1 Neanderthal Marries Human Knitting in the City 15 Friends Without Benefits Knitting in the City 2 Love Hacked Knitting in the City 3 and the Mustache Knitting in the City 4 Winston Brothers 05 Happily Ever Ninja Knitting in the City 5 Dating ish Knitting in the City 6 Marriage of Inconvenience Knitting in the City 7 Before Reading November 7 2019 I have tomorrow off and will be devoting my time to this Much Anticipated book Who am I kidding I am starting it now and probably won t be sleeping tonight October 10 2019It has been a long waitI first did this place holder 3 years ago almost to the day Over this time I had at first just put down my wish for this story of Billy Winston and Claire McClure Then in 2017 Penny Reid shared with one of her favorite blogs a letter Billy wrote to Claire I posted the link and the letter was so touching I almost couldn t breathe Recently Beard with Me was released and it was monumental in the history of the tragic love story these two experienced when they were so young It gave us everything we could want for the backstory of this coupleNow we are close to having their story finally told in real time We now have the Blurb and it tells us we will be going on a Love Journey with Billy Claire and the whole amazing Winston Clan I can hardly waitI am counting the days November 4 2019 is less than a month awayI have been waiting for 3 yearsless than 30 days I can do in my sleep February 15 2017Penny Reid Just gave us a link to Billy s deepest thoughts and feelings about his feelings for his loveBilly lays it all out in a letter that says everything he is feelingThank you for the link to Lisa True Story Book Blog from Penny s Newsletter On the page you will see all of the Winston Brothers and then the letter the letter and you will have amazing insight into this upcoming bookBilly my heart hurts for youBut knowing Penny Reid and her love for the Winston Men Hang in there as She Will Find A Way October 16 2016Like all smart crafty authors They save the most teasedThe most wanted story for lastWe have been pining for Billy and Clare to finally have their timeTick Tock the clock has started ticking for the Love Story which may take our breath awayBeard Necessities Winston Brothers 6 2019 For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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St twenty years ago Secrecy and bitterness kept them separatedBut you know who's tired of their separation and stubbornness Everyone Especial 10 epic Winston stars for Beard NecessitiesI have no words only this painful lump in my throat and the tears streaming down my face in the grocery store parking lot in my town I love this family Every single person in these books have left their mark on my heart and I m afraid it s permanent Penny has truly outdone herself with this book and I can t imagine the feels that it must ve given her to finally pen The End I didn t want this to end but alas all good things must come to an end I just want to sit here in the uiet of my car and go through the gazillion highlights I ve made in this book So many moments of laughter pain awe swooning and just relishing the tender moments and words of wisdom between siblings and their spouses I love the deep friendships they all have with each other and fierce loyalty they share That is family All the uniue personalities uirks insecurities and strengths that they all draw from each other is beautiful I m not giving a single detail away to this breathtaking story Everyone should experience this for themselves spoiler free All I know is I have come away with such a deep respect for these people for Penny and especially Cletus as he is The Godfather of the Winston s I love this series so much You re not alone either I m here Your burdens are mine so are your hopes and dreams I want it all I want to share everything with you Please Trust me to be strong I trust you

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Uch as the second oldest Winston brother and his lady love Claire McClure aka Scarlet St Claire Cruelty and circumstance tore them apart almo 2 stars If Beard With Me reminded me of why I loved Reid s books Beard Necessities reminded me of why I stopped reading her books in the first place I devoured Beard With Me in HOURS and Beard Necessities took me days to read It was boring the pacing was completely off it was nauseatingly cheesy and worst of all I lost interest in ALL of the characters Characters I ve loved for years This was my most anticipated book of the last 5 years and I was beyond disappointed with the result Not much to say I m not angry I m sad I m disappointed And I think I m finally done The uality just isn t the same for meFollow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Unlimited Amount of Stars and Hearts💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Congratulations 2019 Best Romance Semifinal Round Nominee Review Spoiler FreeIn 2014 Pe

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    This was getting to be a 5 star book for me when I started it off The last book was background on the MCs when they were kids even tho they behaved twice their age at least See review here first 40% or so of this book was very promising tugged on my heart strings every which way for Billy Reminded me of the PAIN I enjoy these heart rending books in and Also about an epic couple who has a past that prevents t

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    2 stars If Beard With Me reminded me of why I loved Reid’s books Beard Necessities reminded me of why I stopped

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    I was waiting for this ever since I read Beard Science but this fell short of what I expected this to be

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    FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorWe’d climbed mountains to get here crossed stormy seas I was under no delusions our future sailing would be smooth But hopefully given the last few weeks and all we’d fought for resolved and shared whatever path we traveled we’d be together from now onSadly the ”Winston Brothers” series comes to an end with this last installment ”BEARD NECESSITIES” It’s been a fun journ

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    10 epic Winston stars for Beard NecessitiesI have no words only this painful lump in my throat and the tears streaming down my face in the grocery store parking lot in my town I love this family Every single person in these books have left their mark on my heart and I’m afraid it’s permanent Penny has truly outdone herself with this book and I can’t imagine the feels that it must’ve given her to finally pen The

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    It’s the end of an era folks After seven books the Winston Brother series draws to a close—but fear not my gentle readers Penny Reid truly saves the best for last With an epilogue that will soothe your weary soul after reading Beard with

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    ❝The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts and my soul was still Scarlet❞ Wow Just wow I ended this book with a face full of tears and a tinge of melancholy in my heart This series is than “just a series” to me and as this chapter closes on the Winston clan I am left an irrational sense of emptiness I remind myself that these are just characters in a story but then I laugh at the ridiculousness because I know I’m lyi

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