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Wanted only to disappear to retreat to a peaceful haven to mend her broken heart Until she met Luke Chalmers whose sensual intrusion in her life was anything but peacefulHis stolen kisses left her flustered and his ra.

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Wanted Prince Charming for damsel in distressMelanie was in distress all right But the last thing she wanted was a prince or any man for that matter to come riding to her rescue She'd had it with the opposite sex she. Re A Time to Dream otherwise known as Penny Jordan s Guide to Bullying and Harassing Your Way to True Love in Three Easy LessonsSo as my alternative title suggests this is a PJColada of harassment and bullying to the nth degree We start with an orphaned h who has just been dumped by her employer boyfriend for a non orphan wealthy connected rich girl The h had thought she met a nice man but that soon changed when after refusing to run off with the man for a dirty weekend cause it was against her principles he announced his engagement to the daughter of the man whose firm was merging with the one the h works for The h was shocked even tho her older female BFF had warned her that this particular office Lothario made a habit of trying to seduce the staff PJ does show that this heartbreak moment of the h was probably a good thing because apparently the office Lothario and his wealthy business merger have so few real friends and well wishers that the h s entire office is commanded to attend the engagement party to make up for the lack of real nuptial supporters I guess Anyways the h soon concludes that she is better off without such a user nematode pustule and has such a kind heart that she even feels sorry for the Lothario s new intended who has to accept such shabby lying shopworn goods in lieu of real love Then the h gets a bad case of fluShe is out of the office for several weeks and in the interim finds out she has inherited some land and a cottage in the county of Cheshire located North West England The h is confused cause her parents died when she was young and she went into a care home As far as she knows she has no living relatives and it seems the man who died just picked her name out of a phone book This disturbs the h greatly but she has a pure and kind heart so the h plans to take this unexpected and to her mind undeserved inheritance fix it up a bit and offer the lot for auction with the proceeds to be donated to a worthy charity home that will make orphans like her feel all the love she never did while growing up The h s new solicitors advise that there is a potential huge motorway extension planned that could make the h s inherited property even valuable They also explain that the man who left the h the property has a second cousin who is a wealthy businessman The wealthy businessman was reasonably expected to be named as the elderly cantankerous man s beneficiary but they had a falling out several years earlier so the h got everything instead for some reason that no one seems to know Therefore no one should be very surprised when not one but two dubious characters show up and both seem to think the h is a tart without heart and seduced the elderly man into leaving his life s accumulation of wealth and property The h is attempting to redecorate the cottage to make it attractive to potential buyers as it is hopelessly outdated when she is interrupted by a tall dark handsome stranger just wandering right into her new homeThe man s appearance startles the h off her precariously perched ladder and when the man saves the h from a nasty fall he also takes the opportunity to help himself to a very roofie kiss The h is melty and shocked all at once and the unknown roofie kisser explains that he is a private detective on a case renting a nearby cottage and he wants to use the h s telephone he doesn t have one installed yetIn return and in a true PJ role reversal that would make the Alpha Male Manliness of the H very suspect if it wasn t firmly established that he is a really roofie lady kisser the H offers to do the decorating for the h in the cottage as the h is trying hard but has no knowledge of how to do things like dado rails and toning peach wallpaper As the h is dealing with her inner suspicions of such a take charge kinda guy vs her unusual female meltiness she gets a phone call from another suspect individual This man declares that he is a local property developer and he had an agreement with the former owner of the cottage to sell the land and the house to him As the h knows that there was no formal offer in front of the solicitors and that the solicitor had mentioned that the elderly man was uite cantankerous she inuires as to what type of agreement it was The man on the phone claims it was a verbal agreement the h responds that she isn t interested and as there was no written offer she isn t obliged to honor it The man on the phone then calls the h a conniving slut willing to tup an old man to con him out of his life s savings As if calling an unknown woman a tart is going to make her agreeable to doing any kind of business with someone The h again refuses any offers for the cottage and is rather shaken by the entire scene When the H uestions the h s sudden fragility she claims it is the after effects of the flu she is still recovering from Tho she wonders if the H s sudden icy looks have anything to do with the supposed local rumor that the h is a good time girl on the make We get a few chapters of home decor the h attempts to sort out the garden and gradually the h reveals her orphan backstory to the H He relates that he has a mum and step family in Canada but while the h is overwhelmingly attracted she is a sensitive sort of girl and feels that there is some hidden barrier between her and the HWhen the H uestions the h about her finances and her inheritance of the cottage the h evades the uestions and implies that she knew the former owner There is a tantalizingly mauve almost seduction involving the H s watch vs the h s sweater in a wardrobe malfunction in the garden and the H just can t seem to keep his mouth off the h s suddenly revealed bare body Right after that the H and h complete the room they were redecorating and the H suddenly disappears Almost as if he has inside information about the cottage and knows the h s is evading his uestionsThe h has several mopey moments cause she is totally in love by now There is another call from the evil property developer and the h refuses another offer from him made via her solicitor The solicitor then warns the h that this particular property developer has a fierce temper and bad things happen when he doesn t get his way But things really come to a boil after the H has been absent for several days the h is wasting away and decides to sort out her vegetable garden plot it is full of old roots and shattered glass from old growing frames While the h is venting her frustration and pain over her perceived rejection from the H he shows up and causes her to fall onto a particularly jagged piece of glass The H sweeps the h up in true romantic H fashion and carts her into her house to fix her now copiously bleeding leg The feel of the H s hands on her leg cleaning and bandaging her cut leads to a deliciously woozy feeling for the h or it could have been loss of blood Either way once the leg is bandaged up the h complains of being cold and the H is uick to offer his own body heat as a restorativeWe get a huge multi page purple passion lurve mojo moment the h is thinking everything is pink and rosy and the H has to go do some H things but he promises to return The h is happily contemplating her newfound romance when a tall and very beautiful witch of a woman shows up at the h s doorstepShe claims that she is the H s fiancee she flashes a gaudy sapphire ring and that her father is the property developer She tells the h that the H who isn t a private detective was using her to overturn the will because he was second cousin that should have inherited She also claims that he will prove to the court that the h is con artist tart so he can sell to the woman s father and that the OW and the H are soon to be building their own house on the opposite side of the village The h is suitably devastated and threatens to call the police on the woman who is now digging her nails into the h s arm This alarms the OW and after a few tart insults she takes herself offThe h is now a wounded non unicorn petting h so she can t even take any comfort in some grooming when the H shows up again The H asks her what is wrong and she lets him have it with both barrels of her now roused temper She tells the H about his fiancee s visit her thoughts on his utter slime toad pustuleness and his ethics and morals that allow him to lie and even sleep with a woman when all he had to do was explain who he was and ask her about what she was doing thereThe H in another remarkable PJ role reversal claims that HE was sexually harassed by the nubile charms of the h and that he just had to get all gropey hands and roofie kiss her to defend himself from her all too seductive charms He admits he lied about being a private detective tho he does own a security company and he claims he is not engaged to or involved in a personal relationship with the OW the engagement ring was actually a gift from her doting psycho father The OW and her father approached him about the h s property and the H supposedly had gone over to their house to tell them there was no deal The h claims he is lying cause really who would go to the lengths these people did if they weren t all involved with each other And PJ gives us NO information on why the H would even be involved in the entire situation to begin with or why he would be making deals with the OW or her father The H claims that after his dad died the man who owned the cottage was his mother s relation and that the man became a second father to him growing up However the old man banished the H from his life after he refused to continue in an Army career and the h is very angry that he would just abandon a poor lonely elderly man to his fate then show up and try to profit from his death The h declares that such actions only reinforce how much she doesn t want to know him any but the H is now obsessed with the h and refuses to leave her alone We get an H POV where he declares he will prove that they are meant to be together and it was only his guilt over neglecting to keep in contact with the old cranky guy that led him to seek the h out tho he does admit he had suspicions of tartiness that were dispelled when he kissed the h Things are at a standoff and the h has gone to a property firm and listed the land and the cottage with conditions that prevent anyone from selling it to the property developer Then the h gets hit by the property developer in his car who tries to run her over in the lane outside her cottage She ends up in hospital being fussed over by the H who was the closest neighbor when the walkers who found the h needed help The H wants to call the police on the insane property developer guy but the h refuses to let him I don t know what PJ has against justice for wrong doers but this is becoming an increasing sub trope with her during this HP time periodThe h is released from hospital right away and the H declares he is staying with her The h is still irked at the H so he has to sleep on the couch There are also a ton of papers belonging to the man who left the h the cottage so she figures the H is probably the best person to have them and he can go sort those out in the attic too The H who is determined than ever to have the h goes to sort out the papers and finds out that the h really does have a better claim to the cottage It seems the eldery cantankerous guy was her grandfather Her father wasn t an orphan as she had thought he was cranky old guy s son and the cranky guy cast him out of his home when the dad did not make the Army a career either and became a teacher instead The h s dad changed his name and lived his life then died with her mother and the cranky old guy never acknowledged that he had a grand daughter until his death The h who has by now guilted herself into believing the H s claims that she was just as deceptive as he was for not providing a detailed dossier on her finances and family connections on the first instant of meeting him has forgiven the H and loves him too So the H who does do a decent I Love You declaration tells the h that he is the new purchaser of the cottage Mainly so if the h continued to dump him he could have a shrine to her awesome h ness that no one else could disturb and a rather splendid example of his eually awesome toning peach decorating skillzThis so moves the h that she demands they elope immediately and the H and h give us a little epilogue They are happy and lurving it up in the cottage and anticipating the birth of their first baby The money the h inherited along with what the H gave her for the cottage has been used to furnish and supply a place that helps teens in trouble with no place to go and we get another rosy glow PJ sparkly HEA for a satisfactory conclusion to another HP outingThis one was cute and for once has an epic and well deserved h smackdown of a badly behaving H It lost a bit on the non prosecution of the homicidal property developer and the evil OW definitely needed a smackdown that she never got The addition of the H pov saved this one a lot tho Yes the H really was a bully and harasser But it is all good in PJ s HPlandia where the greater the H s handsey gropiness means only the measure of the greatness of the H s sincere and true lurve Really that is just the usual HP standard of manly and in love H behavior and should not be considered offensive or in any way related to real world situations where the h would arguably be uite justified in calling the police on the lot of them and charging every single character outside of her BFF and hubby with stalking and harassment So keep that in mind if you run into this it is very sweet and the h is adorable but it is a far cry from most real world standards and allowances will have to be made for vagaries of HPlandia

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Kish grin sent her heart racing But a disastrous engagement to a man who had deceived her left Melanie unwilling to trust another man any man so uickly Especially one who left so many uestions about himself unanswered. Jordan has got a real thing about orphaned children who grow up in care and emerge into very insecure heroines and this novel really uses this as the central theme in the plot In this one our heroine Melanie inherits an idyllic country cottage just outside Knutsford in Cheshire The village is named Charnford so is probably the real life Chelford also near to Knutsford She has been left the dilapidated cottage and the contents of a vast bank account by a complete stranger and Melanie has no idea why Because she is a truly Jordanian good heroine instead of reacting as everyone else would do ie giving up work selling the cottage and heading off to the Caribbean Melanie resolves to restore the cottage as cheaply as possible and sell it for the benefit of orphaned children I know Melanie is a masochistic sap from the very beginningEnter Luke Chalmers whose back story is that he s a private detective working on a case in this area Naturally I can t disclose any details I rented the cottage thinking it would give me a good base from which to work It s secluded enough to ensure that I don t get too many people wanting to know what I m doing here That s the trouble with country areas people are curious about their neighbours in a way they aren t in the city pp 22 3 Obviously he s a terrible private detective being as he s just told her all of this and indeed you don t have to be Sherlock Holmes yourself to work out that Luke is investigating Melanie and just how she has inveigled her way into inheriting all this loot Melanie however isn t suspicious at all and romance is permitted to blossom as they decorate the cottage together This incidentally is one of the main problems of this romantic novel it s just not that romantic One of the key love scenes for example is interrupted by the words We d better go in and get on with that decorating p 87 words designed to kill any passion Other ploys to win Melanie over include Luke criticising her choice and use of stepladders apparently aluminium ones are superior and the purchase of a dado rail at B leading the reader to uestion is there anything less romantic in the entire world than decorating Indeed I once saw my entirely placid husband incandescent with rage whilst wallpapering because he couldn t hang it straight it s the only time I ve ever seen him lose his temper no relationship could survive a start like this And indeed Luke s and Melanie s is doomed to a mid novel rocky patch when Melanie determines Luke s real reason behind all those visits to B and the fact that he s taken her to bed by this stage and stripped her of her virginity as well as the cottage of the wallpaper goes down like a lead balloon Cue sulking tantrums and selling the cottage to the highest bidder in a fit of piueFortunately it s a Mills Boon so Luke is able to save the day by purchasing the cottage making a donation to charity getting her pregnant and promising to tile her bathroom in order to win her back so all s well that ends well thereThis is not a great example of Jordan s work but there are some really interesting things going on in it This is a true Romance with a capital R in that you can see the provenance of this type of romantic storyline from the eighteenth century Romances of writers like Charlotte Smith For example a box of papers that Melanie unwisely ignores in the novel reveals just who she is and why she has inherited the property as precisely happens in Smith s Emmeline the Orphan of the Castle of 1788 Melanie is also a truly deserving heroine just like all those worthy eighteenth century heroines who come good in the end Also just like all those eighteenth century heroines though there s a dash of manipulation on the part of Melanie in achieving her own happy ending and she has to perform the part of the heroine in order to win the day For these reasons and for the scenes with the stepladders where you can marvel at a man who can hang wallpaper straight without losing his temper screwing it up flinging it across the hall and shouting we ll just bloody paint it this novel is well worth a look Such a man could exist but only in a Mills Boon

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    Re A Time to Dream otherwise known as Penny Jordan's Guide to Bullying and Harassing Your Way to True Love in Three Easy LessonsSo as my alterna

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    This was an alright read but certain parts I felt dreadfully boring This seems to be a constant in the Penny Jordan novel The whole heroine has been hurt so is reluctant to be with a new man theme This one didn't stand out

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    A sweet story The h unexpectedly inherits a decent sum of money and a cottage in the country from a stranger When she moves to the cottage she meets and falls for the H who is warm and kind but has moments where he is shady afAs their relationship builds she learns that he believes that she may be a gold digger w

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    Yawn OK so the book has sleep inducing tendencies So insomniacs do pick it up Melanie a poor little orphan inherits a house in the country from

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    Jordan has got a real thing about orphaned children who grow up in care and emerge into very insecure heroines – and this novel rea

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    Berhubung saya ingin nyampah dengan totalitas ijinkan saya mereview e book ini dengan bahasa IndonesiaOke Jadi si cewek Melanie Foden yatim pi

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