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‘Comic novels set in Africa have honorable literary antecedents but in only one respect does Paul Micou evoke Evelyn Waugh and William Boyd he is eually funny Otherwise his tone is entirely distinctive The New York Times Book Review‘Evelyn Waugh is not dead; his spirit lives vividly on in the dark and measured hilarity of Paul Micou’s first novel Micou raises absurdity to a grave art and makes a serious business of high farce’ The Observer LondonAll is not well at the Af.

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The Music Programme

Rican headuarters of the Music Programme an international agency established to bring nations together through the universal medium of creative music The imminent arrival of a US congressional envoy Charles ‘Crack’ McCray to investigate charges of waste and inefficiency threatens the Programme’s funding The panicking employees united by their enthusiasm both for music and the high lives they enjoy desperately try to pull themselves together to form a convincingly competent fro.

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Nt Somewhere above it all looms the mysterious reclusive figure known only as the ‘Supreme Director’‘Without doubt the funniest first novel to come my way since William Boyd’s A Good Man in Africa’ The Times‘Mr Micou writes with an unfailing comic sense He has a smart brisk style The book often is hilarious and never less than engaging’ The Wall Street Journal‘A swirling mellow brew of comic fantasy Give yourself a bedtime treat and try it’ The Literary Revie.

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