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Unting ARC type inference optionals String interpolation tuples closures lambdas extensions generics operator overloading functions with multiple return values switch statement enhancements and We've been able to develop apps uickly in Swift than with Objective C and the code is shorter clearer and runs faster on today's multi core architectures Swift also eliminates the possibility of many errors common in other languages making your code robust and secure Some of these error prevention features include no implicit conversions ARC no pointers reuired braces around every control statement's body assignment operators that do not return values reuiring initialization of all variables and constants before they're used array bounds checking automatic checking for overflow of integer calculations and You can combine Swift and Objective C in the same app to enhance existing Objective C apps without having to rewrite all the code Your apps will easily be able to interact with the CocoaRCocoa TouchR frameworks which are largely written in Objective C You can also use the new Xcode playgrounds with Swift A playground is an Xcode window in which you can enter Swift code that compiles and executes as you type it This allows you to see and hear your code's results as you write it uickly find and fix errors and conveniently experiment with features of Swift and the CocoaCocoa Touch frameworks Practical Example Rich Coverage of Classes Obje.

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Swift for Programmers

Cts Methods Properties Initializers Deinitializers Bridging Tuples Array and Dictionary Collections Structures Enumerations Closures ARC Inheritance Polymorphism Protocols Type Methods Type Properties Generics; Strings and Characters Operator Overloading Operator Functions Custom Operators Subscripts Access Control; Type Casting and Checking Nested Types Nested Methods Optionals Optional Chaining Extensions Xcode Playgrounds Intro to Cocoa TouchR with a Fully Coded iOSR 8 Tip Calculator App Overflow Operators Attributes Patterns More topics online IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT XCODE AND SWIFT With Xcode 63 and Swift 12 Apple introduced several changes in Swift that affect the book's source code Please visit wwwdeitelcombooksiOS8FP1 for updated source code The changes do not affect Xcode 62 users You can download Xcode 62 from developerapplecomdownloadsindexa you'll have to log in with your Apple developer account to see the list of downloads Visit wwwdeitelcom Download code examples For information on Deitel's Dive IntoR Series programming training courses delivered at organizations worldwide visit wwwdeitelcomtraining or to deiteldeitelcom Join the Deitel social networking communities on FacebookR at facebookcomDeitelFan TwitterR at deitel GoogleTM at googlecomDeitelFan LinkedInR at bitlyDeitelLinkedIn YouTubeTM at youtubecomuserDeitelTV and subscribe to the DeitelR Buzz Online e mail newsletter at wwwdeitelcomnewsletter subscribehtml.

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The professional programmer's DeitelR guide to Apple's new Swift programming language for the iOSR and OS XR platforms Written for programmers with a background in object oriented programming in a C based language like Objective C Java C# or C this book applies the Deitel signature live code approach with scores of complete working real world programs to explore the new Swift language in depth The code examples feature syntax shading code highlighting rich commenting line by line code walkthroughs and live program outputs The book features thousands of lines of proven Swift code and tips that will help you build robust applications Start with an introduction to Swift using an early classes and objects approach then rapidly move on to advanced topics When you master the material you'll be ready to build industrial strength object oriented Swift applications About This Book The SwiftTM programming language was arguably the most significant announcement at Apple's 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference Although apps can still be developed in Objective CR Apple says that Swift is its applications programming and systems programming language of the future Swift is a contemporary language with simpler syntax than Objective C Because Swift is new its designers were able to include popular programming language features from languages such as Objective C JavaTM C# Ruby PythonR and many others These features include automatic reference co.

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    Paged through it almost entirely The most useful chapter is the one about XCode If you really want to learn the language I've found the official Swift Language Reference to be much useful than this book Safari Books Online considered this the best read on Swift available so far Makes me wonder if I should ditch my account

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