Master of Breath (free) By Paul Allen

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    As the chase through the Everglades heads to the apprehension the reader is enthralled with the tension the horror and fear There are no good guys and no bad guys There is no one you can trust and life does not wait for the hero or the cavalry It's a wild ride and a sorrowful insight into Indianwhite relations

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    ‘That diamond is worth than all of you put together’American writer and filmmaker Paul Allen has written six novels APELAND NEV

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    This book is than an actionadventure story It is the story of the Clinch family set during the hard times of the Depression in Florida on the edge of the Everglades The setting the place becomes a powerful character like the meaning of the Master of Breath that holds all of their lives There is Doc Osceola and his men des

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In the early 1930's a vicious criminal alleged to be a prophet and the grandson of the great Seminole war chief Osceola escapes from a Florida prison along with two condemned black convicts recruits a few reservation tribesmen sick of being road stand Indians snatches a pair of young hostages and goes on an insanely tragic and doomed campaign.

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Master of Breath

Inspiring landscape of reptile infested swamps vast clouds of insects stifling humidity debilitating heat and sudden violent storms that reflects the savagery and possibilities of goodness of the humans that have invaded it Both savagery and the possibility of goodness it becomes clear exist in the pursued and the pursuers and in nature itself.


To take back this pointed land or to kill as many whites as possible before defeat and deathThe novel is a story of flickering madness and humanity of loyalties and vengeance of savagery and instinctive compassion among both the band of killers and the posse that relentlessly pursues it through the Everglades the setting itself an awesome and.