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    • پوپولیسم بی‌علاقه است به سیاست و در نتیجه جذب‌کننده‌ی مردمِ دلسرد از سیاست به خاطر همین بی‌تشکیلاتِ سیاسی بودن هم بود که حزب مردم آمریکا در اواخر قرن نوزدهم شکست خورد؛ چون از خودش نما

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    ص144اکثریت خاموش درون‌مایۀ گفتمانِ پوپولیسم استمفهوم اکثریتِ خاموش ویژگی‌های معینی از مردم را مطرح می‌کند و به این ادعا میدان می‌دهد که صدای آنها را باید بر فراز اقلیتِ پرهیاهو شنید بخشی از این ادعا مسلماً ناشی از سکوت آنهاس

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    کتاب خوبی بود؛ ولی ترجمه ی سختی داشت

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    The best analysis of this book is the populism of product conditions period and place The best harvest of this book Popolists uses t

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Populism is a widely used concept but it is rarely fully understood For a term which appears so freuently in both popular and specialist writing the social sciences have given it remarkably little attention In this study the author surveys the field and concludes that populism has suffered from being considered usually in relation to particular contexts and has t.

SUMMARY Populism Concepts in the Social Sciences

Populism Concepts in the Social Sciences

Es Russia Latin America western Europe and Canada The second part of the book focuses on the problems of populism and how it relates to democracy particularly to representative politics Written in an accessible style this book should be of interest to those with an interest in politics and sociology who are studying political ideas ideologies and social movements.


Herefore become a rather fractured and elusive concept in general terms To remedy this the author introduces several themes which illuminates populism across different historical and contemporary cases he provides a new definition of populism a survey of other definitions and perspectives and a guide to populist politics around the world including the United Stat. 144