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Characters Good Vibrations

Book 1 follows the creation of the Firestone family formed after the accidental discovery that humans and members of the HaChii Confederation are cross fertile The ex.

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Good Vibrations

Robby or Bobby Firestone his family finds that his triumphs are balanced by threats from a world that is not ready for the post human and post HaChii next generation.

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Treme genetic diversity of the two parent lines results in children with a hybrid vigor that makes them far than the sum of their parts In the life of the first child.

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    NaDii is a HaChii female working on a mining station together with one HaChii and two humans On a day seemingly just like a

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    This was the first time I have written anything novel length I learned that once a good story starts rolling I could carry through to the end even though I had never written something at this length before That encouraged me to go ahead with a second book in the seriesPat O'Connor Author

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