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Like Cahill McCrea Yes his commanding presence his manly ways wove a tantalizing arousing spell but bitter reality had taught Eleanor that dreamers always drifted on dealing in only one future heartacheCahill lo. It was ok but not spectacular

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A New World

Nged to settle down in America In headstrong Eleanor he found the woman to share that future with But he'd have to convince her of his staying power And his time in this precious new world was rapidly running ou. Wrapped up too uickly and easily

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Eleanor Thalston refused to be charmed by the twinkling eyes and lilting brogue of the Irish balladeer she'd hired to strum up business for her restaurant She was far too practical to fall for a fantasy spinner. In order to bring business into their restaurant ever practical Eleanor listens to her cousin and hires Irish ballad singer Cahill McCrea Cahill has been battling to keep his visa so he can stay in America When immigration tells him they can t give him any extensions Eleanor proposes to marry him He gets his visa and she keeps her profits coming However the time they spend together the the attraction between them grows I don t know why but I just couldn t get in to this story I really wanted to but the story just seemed too generic and never had that awesome moment that made it stand out from all the others out there

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    This poor book and all the others I'm currently reading suffered from me finding a new TV fandom right in the middle of it which meant that I only wanted to watch episodes read some fanfiction Watch Leverage you guys It was perfectly fine I love marriage of convenience stories though I prefer when the attraction isn't as obvious

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    The always practical Eleanor Thatcher has been disappointed by Dreamers her whole life She does everything she can to avoid her growing attraction to the hunky dreamer Cahill McCrea who is saving her restaurant one Irish song at a time When the INS is about to send Cahill back to Ireland Eleanor comes up with a p

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    In order to bring business into their restaurant ever practical Eleanor listens to her cousin and hires Irish b

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    Can this hot irish man get any hotter? Wow I loved hiw he never gave up on his dream and live for Noreen i couldnt put this book down because i wanted to find out if he could break down that wall Eleanore put up for years

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    It was ok but not spectacular

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    A decent book But parts of it felt a bit rushed And I truly could not get past the Irish accent

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    Wrapped up too uickly and easily

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    Not her best I really enjoy Patricia McLinn's books but wouldn't recommend this one It's okay but not as good as her others

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    Eleanor is a very practical woman in her early thirties who owns a barpub with her cousin Valerie They aren't making much money so Val spots a hot Irish bar singer named Cahill McCrea and suggests that he come sing at their bar McCrea has a Tortured Past and is planning on managing a hotel in Rhode Island but the construction has been delayed and his immigration visa is about to expireEleanor REALLY wants to be practical ALL the time becaus

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    This story examines the conflict between people who are dreamers and practical organized down to earth people who know better than to trust any possibilities that aren’t backed up by practical plans and hard work Eleanor grew up with parents who jumped from one opportunity to the next but none ever came to fruition She needed stability and turned herself into a practical planner who spent her days working to ensure ev