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Mily FarmerChanging climate patterns and chemically contaminated foods are making homegrown food incredibly valuable The old fashioned practice of raising a few chickens in the backyard is coming back into vogue Chicken Tractor shows how easy and profitable it can be to add chickens to your growing season Gene LogsdonAuthor Contrary FarmerThe information in Chicken Tractor is clearly based on a life full of practical farming experience and experimentation Andy and Pat generously share with you their hard earned knowledge You can’t get enough of this kind of information This down to earth unpretentious style helps make the Chicken Tractor a readable and often humorous book Karen Di FranzaThe Natural FarmerEven if you have never owned a chicken this book teaches you what you need to know to be a successful chicken tractor owner Organic Gardening Book Clu.

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Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractor The Homestead 3rd Edition This is the book that tells you how to integrate small flocks of poultry in with small farm and family food production There is a back to the land movement and it's happening in backyards and on small parcels of land all across the world Chicken tractor systems have become so popular that the term chicken tractor; is a household word This is the definitive book that leads the way to employing chicks gainfully in your homestead garden 146 illustrations and photos give visual clarity to important information Learn how you can • Raise homestead flocks for eggs meat and money • Use chickens to create super rich soils that enable hyper productive gardens • Easily step by step process poultry at home• Build custom chicken tractors for your homestead • Make a straw bale coop for your flock • Understand how t.

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O select buy and raise the best chickens for your goals Chicken Tractor is a revolutionary practical hands on book that has helped tens of thousands of gardeners create better gardens It has changed the lives of millions of chickens all across the planet Make chickens part of your self sufficient homestead chicken have planIn a world full of theory and unapplied academics Chicken Tractor shines as a sterling example of a practical prototype developed by dirt under the fingernails creative thinkers The simple elegance in design and description challenge me afresh to smack my forehead and exclaim “now why didn’t I think of that” In our efforts to bring new paradigms to poultry production we share a common vision a brand new ethics of excellence for proper models delicious food and local profit potentials  Joel SalatinAuthor and World Famous  Lunatic Fa.

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    I love this idea And all of the great experience and inspiration shared here I can't wait to start What happy chickens they will be Bummer is I won't be ready until next year My Mom heard me say I'm going to get chickens and called me very concerned that I was going to rush into chicken keeping and coup up the chickens and how unhappy they wo

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    not really impressed Almost humorous and almost educational but not uite enough of either

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    Good ideas really poor layout organization of the book

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