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D a boy for her from his guitar class Suhaani doesn1t know how to tell her Internet savvy dad and Farmville addict mother that she's not interested in an arranged match especially to an IITian She decides. Actual rating 35 NOTE We The Readdicts received a copy of Arranged Love from author Parul A Mittal in exchange for an honest review We thank Parul for the bookArranged Love is author Parul A Mittal s second novel Her first book Heartbreaks Dreams The Girls IIT was the story of Tanu cousin sister of the protagonist in Arranged Love Suhaani I haven t read the author s first book yet but after reading Arranged Love I m so eager to know about the early days the development and the dissolution of the unceasing relationship between Tanu and Rahul Arranged Love was a very preppy and sweet read that made me laugh out loud and kept me entertained throughout The summary of the book aptly describes everything that one needs to know about the story and it really makes no sense for me to put it all down again The book tries to answer the uestion that all Indians love to ask arranged marriage or love marriage Suhaani is forced to come back to India when recession hits the US leaving behind a hot AmericanIndian boyfriend Jayant Guy and a blooming career On her return to India Suhaani encounters Deepak Goyal a guy her dad has picked as a potential suitor for her This is when Suhaani faces the dilemma between marrying the guy of her choice or the guy of her parents choice As a protagonist Suhaani was alright She was carefree and chilled out Her confusion and concerns about marriage were understandable Her family was really lovely I loved her relation with her dad which was friendly rather than filial Her mom s obsession with Facebook and Farmville was hilarious Both her parents were worried about their daughter and it was so easy for me to relate to Suhaani s family life Her cousin Tanu and her best friend Neha were also very important for her and it showed As for the two guys Jay s comments and comebacks were boisterous and made me laugh out loud He was a great guy and I liked him Deep on the other hand was the uintessential Indian man that every Indian girl would like to get to know Suhaani s relation with both the guys was fun to read albeit difficult to understand Parul A Mittal s Arranged Love is a very enjoyable and highly entertaining read In spite of certain editorial mistakes a few negative reviews that I previously read the IIT set up which is so common in books by young Indian authors the typical commonalities that it shares with other novels and the happy yet rather abrupt ending the book is really really very enjoyable Of course nothing is perfect and neither is Arranged Love but whatever it is it is really very good People have said that the new generation will be able to relate to it I don t know that if as part of the current or new generation I can relate to it but without doubt I can say that it is a good book and the IT IIT Facebook and Harry Potter references which I was SO excited to see is something uite cool I absolutely enjoyed reading Arranged Love It was a fresh fun and flirty read

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To dislike the guy Except that he's not too thrilled about her either Even when they end up working together Suhaani decides she will not fall for this guy But before she can turn him down he rejects her. Hi ParulI have just finished reading your new book and wanted to write to you about my thoughts I would just want to admit that I have been straight and blunt with my language and understanding of life lately after experiencing its realities in an different enlightening way please bear with me and my thoughts as they are in no way to either criticize or bring down the effort of you writing a book and then managing to get it published too For me this moment is a great achievement in itself and I can feel the JOY one gets after realizing a dream come true in form of a book which you allow people to read and ponder in to themselves to relate to the characters and situations beings captured by the writerAbout the book it s a onetime light hearted read and a good masala mix for those who like to read fiction and want to visualize life relating to Suhaani and Neha having already dreamt to have a life like Tanu Di and end up with an entirely different seuence of life thereafter At times I was confused and got lost in the reading matter and then I had to read again certain passages to get the grip again At times it made me felt like I was reading an erotic adult manual of a female trying to educate a male as to how to interpret her distinct behavioral patterns in need of sex being misinterpreted as love yet in other instances it felt as if Suhaani is herself exposing the hidden female psyche which male have not yet been able to decipher at times Although at certain instances it felt obvious to understand what was coming next but at some instances you have managed to create a suspense for the new reader Which I appreciate Some situations reminded me of Sex and the City and others reminded me of a typical Hindi Serial being run in front of my eyes Though I am not a fiction reader at all but yes reading it felt fine a lot of content was seen by me already in different versions in the past but yes a consolidated view in a story was worth readingYou had asked me for a spiritual message I don t know but I could not find any You can blame my inexperience of spirituality or my na ve understanding of the subject so farA Suggestion you ended your story with a million dollar uestion still unanswered What is Love all about An ending note describing LOVE as you have felt it in your life might had assisted readers to relate themselves with you and get connected with you for a long long time to come what say or on the other side are we looking at a third book from you on the prime subject In the end it made references to your last book which created a bit of un settle for those who have not read your previous book One thing all the chapters of the book had a hands up image and at the back cover it has a hands down image Any particular reason Thank you for your patience in reading my mailRegardsKaran Chowdhary

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Suhaani is enjoying her independent status in the US and her sexy Indian American boyfriend when suddenly she loses her job to recession And she's forced to move back to India where her father has selecte. So well this happens to be the one final Indian author written novel which has been amazing with a regular day to day thousand novel on the same issue subjectI won t compare her with Ashwin Sanghi or Amish Tripathithey are complete different Genrebut I do put her in place for competing with Chetan Bhagat Ravinder Singh Sachin Garg Nikita Singh or so onand man she beats them all hands downA simple predictable story which still can glue you to readingan unexpectedly good vocabulary even if she has played a lot with wordsa little too much I would saynice editing I believe I should thank Penguin Metro for that and right dose of peppiness the novel has some real naughty and double meaning sentencesactually lot of them and still they won t be the ones to leave a bad tasteeven if you are usually averse to such talks read meI liked the say she writesI liked the way she could put life in a overly used and abused topicand I definitely am planning to buy her first though she herself has claimed that her second is better than the first

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    Oh kayyy So well even though I hadn't started this book with a lot of expectations I was gravely disappointed But then maybe the thi

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    So well this happens to be the one final Indian author written novel which has been amazing with a regular day to

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    Totally wackyI loved very single word of this bookespcially when guys are compared to cars and bikes and Neha's advice to suhaani that to seek lovesex and marriage in one specimen is like lokking for a car with luxurylovespeedsex and mileagem

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    Better than Parul's first book and very aptly for the current fb generation A really fun read It was like reading a great romance and so modern

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    The 6th book of this year is done reading in a single sitting This is what happens when you get your hands on a v

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    Actual rating 35 NOTE We The Readdicts received a copy of Arranged Love from author Parul A Mittal in exchange for an hones

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    A graduate at UMich Suhani is head over heels in love with her Indian American boyfriend Jay aka Jayant Guy A painter at heart Suhani is all set to make money out of a nude painting of her boyfriend Looking at this American Adonis an

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    Hi ParulI have just finished reading your new book and wanted to write to you about my thoughts I would just want to admit that I hav

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    Chick lit genre is slowly expanding its horizon through the country and Mittal has come up with an interesting pot pouri through her latest novelSuhaani's life is a bliss with an independent life as a master's student in the United States with a handsome boy friend and an alluring career ahead of herThough she misses India somehow she has chosen to fit in the US penning down a future thereGoing steady with her half Indian boy frie

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    As I am going for an arranged marriage Now I can try an arranged love also Thanks Parul for the inspiration

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