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Experience the best of much loved brand Snog in your own home with these health conscious yet delicious recipes for frozen yogurtsSnog was born out of a passion for two things good food and good design Founders Pablo Uribe and Rob Baines wanted to offer a truly new and different consumer experience Inspire

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Snog By Pablo Uribe

Choosing healthier foods should not mean sacrificing flavor and making the best choice is crucial when it comes to enjoying sweet treats they should satisfy your soul but still nourish your body The recipes in this book will inspire you to prepare delicious food that you will love but that will love you ba


D by their love of healthy eating they developed an organic no fat yogurt combined with agave nectar a naturally low GI sweetener from the agave cactus and Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt was born The first Snog shop opened in London 2008 It was an instant success and branches followed both in the UK and overseas

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