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Harmonia Caelestis is the product of a decade of labour a monumental part autobiographical family history If Helping Verbs of the Heart was an homage to his mother then this is a memorial to his father It is actually two works in one Book 1 Numbered Sentences from the Life of the Esterházy Family comprises 371 paragraphs some elusively succinct others pages long that amount to a gloriously kaleidoscopic romp through the centuries that lie behind this European dynasty Not that the name Esterházy is ever uttered the main protagonist of each episode is invariably identified as my father whether he is an anti Habsburg Kuruc insurrectionist or a Habsburg loyal Labanc a hammer of the Ottomans a dying old man a prisoner of war a lord charming enough to enchant Goethe himself or a childless man to mention but a few of my fathers all evoked through the language and literature proper to each persona This strategy of anonymity allows Esterházy to extend his typically vast net of uotations to sources that originally have no family connotations whatsoever thereby lending broader significance to the particulars of this one family however grand and vice versa appropriating the general European experienc Fear and communists everything here begins with them and will end with them too it seems Celestial Harmonies is a book of the earthly disharmonies and it consists of two partsThe first half of a novel is a huge list of the probable author s fathers that could exist since the medieval epoch It is an exhaustive inventory of all possible father s vices and sins and wrongdoingsAnd P ter Esterh zy like the patent Oedipus pitilessly kills all his hypothetical fathers all down the agesThe second half is the family history proper People uickly grow tired of the good look for something better find something worse then insist on it ever after for fear of something still worse to come This is the rule formulated by the author s grandfather and the family abides by this rule Celestial Harmonies is an honest and merciless full of dark sarcasm memorial to the odious eraIn the twentieth century two planetary cataclysms happened communism and fascism

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Rd in tone much of this is recounted with great gusto from the author's personal perspective not least the stories of his own childhood such as being accidentally dropped into the baptismal font; the trek to a godforsaken village in July 1950 when an official deportation order resulted in the family being dumped in one of two rooms in a peasant couple's house; schooldays and trips to matches with his football mad father For all the vicissitudes and uncertainties it describes the tone of his writing throughout is one of blithely upbeat humour and harmony without a hint of reproach regret or complaintA captivatingly rich novel in terms of both its form and its stance Certainly it is the most striking work of the fifty year old author's career to date and I would evenventure to call it an epitome of the Esterházy oeuvre Given its formal richness however it is in a way also a compendium of two to three centuries of Hungarianprose Péter Dérczy Élet és IrodalomThis new novel is no less constructed of fragments than his earlier novels and those are no less whole but this has the widest span of any Esterházy composition to date it is a sweeping baroue work József Tamás Reményi Népszabadsá view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler

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E to the family's specific circumstances The barouely exuberant proliferation of anecdotal gleanings and fragments of real and fictional history drawing on a gamut of written genres from maxims to parables from confessional autobiography to the account books and chronicles is ultimately threaded together by an unobtrusive profoundly witty and wise philosophical veinBook 2 subtitled Confessions of an Esterházy family is ostensibly a conventional family novel Its very subtitle alludes to an earlier Hungarian masterpiece of the genre Confessions of a Bourgeois 1934 35 by Sándor Márai It consists of a series of snapshots of key events in the lives of the author's great grandfather grandfather father and the young Esterházy himself These are built up over two hundred numbered passages into a or less chronological portrait of a century and a half of steady decline of the family's fortunes After 1945 the Esterházys suffered an almost catastrophic repeat of the confiscations and curtailment of liberties that befell them during the short lived Commune of 1919 one that not only stripped them of their former rank and privileges but threatened their very subsistence Largely anecdotal and often absu An astonishing torue of history memory and language

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    “Fear and communists everything here begins with them and will end with them too it seems” Celestial Harmonies is a b

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    Celestial Harmonies 1990 All the world’s a stage art and pageantry in the Renaissance and baroueEspecially in its first part reading Celestial Harmonies is like reading snippets from the life of demi gods up there in Mount Olympus The first person fragmented narrative goes anywhere you don’t know what the na

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    Hungarians are sexy motherfuckers I have never read heartbreak and hilarity in a single work

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    Esse livro foi o ue escolhi para representar a Hungria na Volta ao Mundo em LivrosOs Esterházys foram nobres húngaros importantes condes dip

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    An astonishing torue of history memory and language

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    The Esterházy family is one of the most ancient noble dynasties of Hungary Their origins date back almost to the foundation of Hungary as an independent state in AD 1000 The family’s history is inextricably intertwined with the

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    This review needs some context Péter Esterházy was born in 1950 in Budapest to one of the most notable noble families of former Austro Hungarian monarchy This novel is divided in two parts the first one is a collection of sentences about Esterházy men since the formal foundation of the family around the end of the 16th century while the second part has a structure similar to that of a novel and tells the story of Péter himself his fath

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    My word that was a chore 841 pages of literary fanciness jumpy storytelling and unsympathetic family issues I have no idea why this book was w