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Summary Fluxus The History of an Attitude

Part the case because Fluxus is historically complex and philosophically difficult to define Owen SmithFLUXUS THE HISTORY OF AN ATTITUDE by Owen F Smith is A HOT mix of dada fluxus art theory and art history Owen F Smith's exhaustive archival research tracks the physi.

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Fluxus The History of an Attitude

Cal remains of this fascinating interdisciplinary and international arts movement that began in the 1960s San Diego State Univesity Press | Fluxus The History of an Attitude by Owen F Smith; ISBN 1 879691 51 5 | 1998 trade paperback | 326 pp | US 2700 | Second Printin.

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Fluxus was once called 'the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties' but for anyone seeking to learn about the historical nature of Fluxus and its conceptual framework it might readily seem to be just plain frustrating rather than radical This is in.

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    Really great resource A little confusing to me that the Vienna Actionists aren't mentioned once in this text It's almost as if they're

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    how to situate fluxus philosophically and historically