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S sickness plagues the school But only Nora senses the menace an alien force that possesses hr friends invades their bodies destroys their souls Soon.

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The Night Walkers

A strange evil fills the night and nothing alive is save Dead birds are everywhere A prowling cat searches the dark for prey And suddenly a mysteriou.

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They will come for her Now Nora must stop the spreading evil save the innocent victims before she is forced on the deadly march of the Night Walkers.

3 thoughts on “The Night Walkers

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    This book gave me nightmares for 15 years so I can't really say I recommend it You could read it but maybe don't let you cousin read half of it to you out loud and then refuse to tell you how it ends

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    I read this early in high school and absolutely loved it; I'm sure I read it multiple times Revisiting it as an adult it is really a hot mess of a children's horror novel it can't figure out if it is eco horror not a common category in 1982 or

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    It's a good read I remember this from eighth grade English Fond memories