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    This book provided a lot of useful information for my upcoming trip abroad as an exchange student Funnily enough though many of the tips and advice it gives are seemingly very specific to Norwegian exchange students whom are wrongly represented through the book I don't recognise a lot of the Norwegian culture' described in it despite having l

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The Exchange Student Guidebook

And find new friends In The Exchange Student Guidebook author Olav Schewe presents a practical handbook to prepare you for life as an exchange student and help you tackle common challenges Schewe considers understanding the basics of student exchange; evaluating reasons for going; choosing a destination cou

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As an exchange student you receive the opportunity to experience another culture from the inside out You live with a host family you become part of the local community and you learn the language Even so an exchange year is not one long holiday It can be tough and it may take time to adjust to the new culture


Ntry and exchange organization; living in a foreign culture; staying with a host family; finding new friends; and dealing with homesickness and other challenges Filled with practical advice and tips The Exchange Student Guidebook provides you with a foundation to make your experience successful and memorable

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  • The Exchange Student Guidebook
  • Olav Schewe
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  • 15 November 2018
  • 9781475951608

About the Author: Olav Schewe

Olav Schewe is a learning expert and educational entrepreneur Once an average student Olav developed an interest for learning strategies Having refined his study methods he eventually won a Fulbright Scholarship and graduated from The University of Oxford with Distinction Now he is devoted full time to helping others improve the way they learn