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review Concrete Abstract Algebra From Numbers to Gröbner Bases

Concrete Abstract Algebra develops the theory of abstract algebra from numbers to Grobner bases while takin in all the usual material of a traditional introductory course In addition there is a rich supply of topics such as cryptography factoring algorithms for integers uadratic residues finite fields factoring algorithms for polynom.

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Concrete Abstract Algebra From Numbers to Gröbner Bases

Ials and systems of non linear euations A special feature is that Grobner bases do not appear as an isolated example They are fully integrated as a subject that can be successfully taught in an undergraduate context Lauritzen's approach to teaching abstract algebra is based on an extensive use of examples applications and exercises T.

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He basic philosophy is that inspiring non trivial applications and examples give motivation and ease the learning of abstract concepts This book is built on several years of experienced teaching introductory abstract algebra at Aarhus where the emphasis on concrete and inspiring examples has improved student performance significantly.