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CHARACTERS In Days of Great Peace

For several years Mouni Sadhu steeped himself in the teachings of the foremost Hindu ascetic Sri Ramana Maharshi This book first published in 1957 is the best attempt by a Europ.


In Days of Great Peace

Mental and spiritual states enables him to pass on to the reader his knowledge and enthusiasm It is an authentic account of life with an inspired Hindu yogi and spiritual teach.

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Ean to describe without technicalities what such teachings entail what meditation is about and why Indians worship their gurus Mouni Sadhu's rare facility for describing his own.

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    Beautiful book about how Mouni Sadhu spend time with the Great Maharishi not long before he died Mouni Sadhu as a previous cultivator in Hermeticism and concentration had a ton of great perspective to bring to the table with his encounter with one of the greatest just recently before our times Very few western cultivators are as serious as Mouni Sadhu so this is a great book to read if you aspire to be one as

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    Muy interesante Se siente la sinceridad profunda del autor El aspecto devocional uizá demasiado destacado en rela