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    UPDATE 9312 guise oh my jesus bale ue I just read a spoiler and I just view spoiler Sorry Spoiler has been removed I'll post it back up when the book is released hide spoiler

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    YA writing often lives on surfaces the girl with the blue eyes fights with the dude with the grey eyes car chase change of clothes somebody dies blue eyes and grey eyes kiss to be continued I find some storytellers exceptionally good at that type of writing For example Kristin Cashore knocked it out of the par

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    35 starsI have a small confession to make though it’s hardly a secret since my review is here for all to see I

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    When i found out the seuel was coming out this year When i found out it was coming out in October

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    If DeMalo is not in this book I will flip shits What would have been the point of all those sexual tensions from the previous book And he saved her life Umm yeah that's a pretty big deal

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    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO OOOOOOOOWHAT THE H# ARE YOU DOING MOIRA YOUNG I THOUGHT I WAS SAFE I THOUGHT I COULD READ THIS SERIES FREE OF LOVE TRIANGLES INSTEAD YOU GAVE ME A FLIPPIN' LOVE SUARE WHY CAN'T I ESCAPE Everywhere I goYA love trianglesEverywhereEverywhereWhy can't authors write about a teenaged girl who actually has to make some tough choices in life other than just which guy she wants to end up sle

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    I read Rebel Heart several weeks ago by now and I still can't decide how I feel about it Let's just say I had a lot of mixed feelings about it While I enjoyed it there were several things in it that infuriated me And over all I thought it was kind of a disappointing follow up to Blood Red RoadI was in love with the first book It was like s

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    IF I DO NOT GET MY GRUBBY PAWS ON THE NEXT BOOK IMMEDIATELY I MAY PASS OUT That was so so ridiculously suffocatingly good And horrible I hate this book I'm having a heart attack okay If you see someone screaming in the corner and beating their head against the floor that'd be me I AM IN PAIN FOLKS This books omgSo basically there ar

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    I don't know maybe I'm just getting too old and curmudgeonly for these types of stories Too much angst and melodrama this time around not nearly enough of that spectacle and heart stopping action found in Blood Red Road Even the excruciating dialect and lack of punctuation bothered me when I barely noticed it la

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    THAT LAST BIT MADE ME NOT OKAY AT ALL I’m really really enjoying this series There’s so much happening and so much foreshadowin

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Moira Young Ö 6 review

Rebel Heart

Victory is terrible Jack has disappeared and can no longer be trusted A new and formidable enemy is on the rise NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO OOOOOOOOWHAT THE H ARE YOU DOING MOIRA YOUNG I THOUGHT I WAS SAFE I THOUGHT I COULD READ THIS SERIES FREE OF LOVE TRIANGLES INSTEAD YOU GAVE ME A FLIPPIN LOVE SUARE WHY CAN T I ESCAPE Everywhere I goYA love trianglesEverywhereEverywhereWhy can t authors write about a teenaged girl who actually has to make some tough choices in life other than just which guy she wants to end up sleeping with Because apparently in YA love is a synonym for who she wants to have little babbies with the mostAHHHHSobs Dear God please have mercy on my soulWash away the horrorWash away the horrorOkay Getting ahold of myself here Breath in and out Whew Okay I m good Now for the review Really it could be summarized in one word said in true David Tennant fashion What First the dealbreaker The love triangle er suare er possible pentagon Or actually a four pointed star with Saba in the middle Yeahthat makes the most senseAnywho Number one Tommo Umhuh I thought he was a kid Like a little little kid Like Emmi s age I thought they were two cute drag alongs to relieve tension and create some sort of emotion other than lovey dovey sort of love Cuteness and cheer and all that And for once I approved That was book one Butapparentlynot Suddenly Tommo is all grown up and IN LOVE WITH SABA WHAAAA Me very cufuzzled Mi iiind flipAnd once I finally got settled with THAT something else struck meWAIT A FLIPPIN SECOND IS THIS A TIGER S UEST SPAWN WHERE EVERY SINGLE GUY IN THE BOOK SEEMS TO INEXPLICABLY FALL FOR THE GIRL EVEN THOUGH SHE KEEPS DESCRIBING HERSELF AS NOTHING SPECIAL Or even worse Twilight spawn He did what we all dreamt of doing Gah We ve covered that already Jeez See my review of Tiger s uest for fun and laughterThen comes Jack Umthought he was a major character in these books so why is he barely in this one Why bother putting him on the cover if he only gets appearances in the very beginning and end of the book and then scattered in through out Was it to give him face time to attract young fan girls I have no other explanation He and Saba have almost ZERO relationship interaction other than her getting pissed at him for betraying them and feeling oh so alone and heart broken and sad and whatever Other than that its justblah No nothing Nothing like the slow build in the first one which was enough to bother putting a love interest in the book at all but not so much that I was gagging This book ick So much fake love that it wasweird Distracting Scary and disgusting And just plain BORING It was like the strange Saba love star was the only piece of plot barely holding the book together by treads Then let s talk about Lugh What is his problem Is he actually in LOVE with his SISTER as implied Come on this is not Game of Thrones or the Mortal Instruments here OR EVEN GLADIATORimage error

review ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö Moira Young

Saba has rescued her kidnapped brother and defeated the fanatical Tonton But the price to be paid for her violent 35 starsI have a small confession to make though it s hardly a secret since my review is here for all to see I wasn t really a fan of Blood Red Road In fact I was so disappointed by it that I never intended to read Rebel Heart That said I m happy it showed up on my doorstep completely unexpectedly Painful as it may be I like the direction the story is taking Rather than focusing on giant killer worms Moira Young decided to explore the extent of human cruelty and willingness to survive The pacing is noticeably slower but Rebel Heart undoubtedly offers than its predecessor at least to a reader with my preferences It is emotionally intense grim and layered I could actually feel the dust on my skin for the first time and it was a most welcome feeling one that told me Young has finally done it right If there s one thing I admire about Young other than the language of course it s that she s than capable of surprising me This is what sets her apart from most Young Adult writers she goes where the story leads her regardless of what it might mean for her and even when it s not easy for her characters and ultimately her readers Whatever objections I had to Saba s character in Blood Red Road and I had uite a few no longer apply It s almost like she was still a work in progress then and now she s finally completed damaged but consistent well rounded and perfectly clear I didn t necessarily approve of her actions or even like her most of the time but I understood her and everything she did made sense to me After what she s been through in Blood Red Road Saba simply had to change one way or the other I m glad Young chose not to ignore the emotional trauma she would have suffered Instead all her decisions have repercussions that could have been foreseen but in no way avoided Spirits of the people she s lost follow Saba s every step She is terrified and broken afraid to touch her bow and desperate to hide it from Lugh who is in no better shape himself Whatever the Tonton did to him left him bitter and furious at Saba at their father and especially Jack It is so hard for Saba to admit that their relationship has changed that they re no longer the inseparable twins they used to be and that Lugh can no longer offer the same sense of security and warmth Here Now Alone With none but my own heart fer witness I ll say it Without Lugh I m able to breathe He smothers me Chokes me Pens me in Tethers me to him with his worry and anger and sorrow and fear For most of this book Saba and Jack are nowhere near each other and yet he is always with her every second of every day I m very uncomfortable with some of the events in Rebel Heart but I accept them as proof of good writing and I can t help but appreciate the risks Young decided to take At this point I can t even imagine a happy ending for these characters But I ll end this review on a positive note Here s some candy for fellow Jack fans I think about Jack Of how it ll be when I see him agin When he s holdin me tight an I m holdin him tighter an the heartstone s burnin my skin I think of what we might say Him to me Me to him I ain t no soft girl I don t know no soft words Be with me Jack That s what I ll say Burn with me Shine with me Also posted at The Nocturnal Library

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In the dustlands No one is safe And Saba must confront the terrible secret hidden in the darkest depths of her so I read Rebel Heart several weeks ago by now and I still can t decide how I feel about it Let s just say I had a lot of mixed feelings about it While I enjoyed it there were several things in it that infuriated me And over all I thought it was kind of a disappointing follow up to Blood Red RoadI was in love with the first book It was like someone had taken The Knife of Never Letting Go and The House of the Scorpion and combined them into one crazy story Not to mention it had a kickass female lead and an awesome love interest I thought it was really exciting and well developed When I got to the end I was kind of surprised to find out that there was going to be a seuel I thought Moira Young could have possibly just tied it up at the end somehow But of course I was still going to read the seuelGoing into book two I wasn t sure what to expect I didn t really know where Young was going to pick up the plot or what was supposed to happen in this one So I was excited but I was a little bit skeptical When a series really starts out with a bang sometimes it s difficult to follow up And I feel like that was kind of an issue hereBut I ll get to my problems with it later I ll start with what I did likeA lot of things I liked about the first book were still present in the seuelFirst of all it s a very atmospheric series The world Moira Young creates is very intriguing and easy to picture It was easy for me to get lost in the story and imagine myself there along with the charactersSecondly I like the writing style for the most part There are times when it gets a little annoying And it does remind me a lot of Patrick Ness s style in the Chaos Walking series which makes me wonder if that s somehow intentional But it s still an interesting style and gives the book an extra somethingI like that the plot moves fast It just keeps running and doesn t slow down Even if there were things in the book that bothered me at least I was never bored with it There s always something going on and Young keeps the readers guessing about what will happen next So I appreciate thatI also liked the addition andor development of certain characters I had hoped that Lugh would become a prevalent character in this book and he was He was not really in much of the first book so I was glad to see of him in this book and I thought his relationship with Maev was sweet Although honestly I thought he was kind of being a jerk for most of the book But I found him to be an intriguing character anyway I also really liked Molly and Jack s history with her at first it weirded me out a little but it was also really sad and I thought it felt believable So I found their relationship to be a compelling aspect of the story However as I ve mentioned a few times by now there were some major things in this book that bothered me SPOILERS AHEADI still loved Jack but the whole thing with him supposedly betraying everyone was kind of clich d and predictable I mean it was pretty clear from the start that it was going to turn out he hadn t really turned evil Like he had no reason to do that at all And yet most of the characters gave up on him pretty much right away They were just like Well even though Jack has no reason at all to betray us we ve all instantly lost faith in him He s evil now Too bad I guess So when it turned out that it was all a misunderstanding and everything it was like HMM YOU DON T SAYBut probably the biggest thing was that I had some big problems with Saba in this book I loved her in the first book and thought she was a super cool heroine In Rebel Heart I lost uite a bit of respect for her Sure she was still pretty kickass and tough and all but she made some pretty damn stupid decisionsMAJOR SPOILER So there s this part where she sees Jack kidnap Emmi And at that point she goes totally nuts and runs off on her own and jumps off a cliff Bella Swan style I mean she s going after Nero but still It s a bit dramatic She then runs into the villain DeMalo They end up spending some time together and he shows her this trippy place where they hallucinate about flying over daisy fields or something And then they have sex So yeah For some reason Saba decides not to go save her kidnapped sister but to be a whiney brat and run away jump off a cliff and have sex with the villain for virtually no reason I mean I kind of get the feeling there s some weird kind of mind control type thing going on or some other thing that Saba can t control But it was still really weird And I mean like why would you ever sleep with someone whose name like literally means Of Evil Not very subtle Moira YoungSo yeah that one thing really threw me offI also didn t like the way Saba treated Tommo Poor dude I wish Saba had just been honest with him rather than being manipulative and seriously using his feelings for her against him at one point It just seemed super bitchy of her Basically I thought Saba was awesome in the first book but in this book she did a lot of things that really got on my nervesAnyway I did like the ending The last scene between Jack and Saba was really cute and I still think they re a great coupleIn conclusion I liked this book I just didn t like it as much as I liked the first book It was exciting and fast paced and the world and the characters are interesting I was disappointed in Saba by the end though However I still plan on reading the third book and finding out what happens

About the Author: Moira Young

Moira Young is from Vancouver BC and now lives in the UK A former actor and opera singer her debut novel Blood Red Road first in the Dustlands trilogy was published in 2011 to international acclaim It won a host of prizes including the Costa Children’s Book Award the British Columbia Book Prize for Children’s Literature and France's Le Prix des Incorruptibles In the USA it won a Cybils Aw