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A SERIES OF EROTIC SHORTS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 2009 2010Werewolves and humans have been at war for generations Humans possess superior technologybut werewolves are the ultimate warriorsEvery able wolf serves his king on the front lines but constant battle takes its toll on man and beast alike The only way to recover is by visiting the Temple of Luna where the strongest and bri

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Temple of Luna Bundle Stories 1 4

Ghtest women serve their goddess by gentling warriors–by any means necessaryCONTAINS FOUR NOVELLASSavage Possession The king's heir finds that the girl he barely noticed has grown into the woman he longs to claim But she won't settle for anything less than his whole heart Savage Need A healer brutalized by war has lost himself to his beast The only path back is the touch of the

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One woman he could never have a woman with royal bloodSavage Lessons After years dedicating herself to her training a woman stands on the edge of becoming the next High Priestess But her love for a trainer may be her downfallSavage Healing Half a lifetime ago she picked duty over him and broke both their hearts Now he needs her skills almost as badly as she needs his forgiveness

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    Wow Unexpectedly goodI read one to four books a day So Kindle unlimited is my life That means I will read mediocre books too I expected this to be that or bad but since it was Kindle unlimited I gave it a try These stories were actually very good The sex did not overpower the plot like I thought it would although there was definitely a lot of sex which was well written Recommended