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Home Building is a must read for builders contractors architects designers and homeownersMiki Cook is a green building and sustainability consultant who has dedicated her career to educating contractors and the public on the strategies methods and benefits of green homesDoug Garrett has trained thousands of homebuilders architects and sub contractors to build energy efficient homes using applied building science to improve comfort durability and healthfulness while meeting or exceeding the energy cod

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Vide funding for high performance upgradesAchieve a net zero energy home including zero ing water waste carbon and associated costs within fifteen yearsLive affordably into the future despite anticipated rising costs for fuel water materials taxes and health careThis comprehensive guide to building green on any budget defines the strategies that maximize the return on green investments Written for anyone who has ever been swayed by the argument that the price tag limits how green a home can be Green

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According to conventional wisdom building a green home is an expensive endeavor The standard approach treats green as an add on tacking premium products finishes and euipment onto a traditional home design As a result many green home projects end up over budget or fail to achieve their environmental and performance goals Green Home Building explodes the myth that green homes have to cost Using proven methods based on applied building science the authors show how toLower base construction costs to pro

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    As I know nothing about home building it explains than I can follow but learned that going green whether in new or renovations doesn't have to be way expensive if proper planning occurs Also interesting to know where to put your money to make the biggest difference as most people choose some but not all the things you can

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    I learned a lot and enjoyed the book considering building a tiny house At times it became pretty repetitious though The later chapters

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    I heard the authors speak at an expo and knew that this was going to be so valuable as we are planning to remodel a home While a lot of the book is devoted to new home construction it was easy enough to connect the dots for remodeling as wel

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