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    For someone who is not a member of the Seventh day Adventist SDA church it has been a privilege to get a peek into that church’s past hardships and struggles in the USSR until the collapse of its communist dictatorship in the 90s

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    Though the Heavens Fall takes you into the life of Mikhail Kulakov who was a Christian in Russia when religions were still being persecuted and their believers were being sent to prison camps The book focuses on

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    This book is as similar to and yet as different from A Thousand Shall Fall as it can get Still a classic in the making Inspirational story that is still changing my life and the way I see things

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Free download ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB å Mikhail P. Kulakov Sr.

The Communist Soviet government had taken away his job his family and his freedom His crime Faithful service to God or in the words of the KGB anti Soviet activi.

Free download Though the Heavens Fall

Though the Heavens Fall

D break the willBut even the prospect of eternal banishment to a remote village in western Siberia could not deter him from his steady reliance upon Gods promise.

Free download ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB å Mikhail P. Kulakov Sr.

TiesHe was imprisoned interrogated and then sentenced to five years in a corrective labor camp where he endured bitter hardships designed to stifle the spirit an.