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Of men dealing with prostate issues discovering that even though a man may not have prostate cancer interference with the prostate can cause a number of other complications With humor and plenty of practical detail Crowl charts the months between the biopsy and his subseuent TURP operation He discusses the case of a fellow s

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Diary of a Prostate Wimp

Ufferer who had even worse complications and points to the necessity of getting as much information as possible from those in the medical field In spite of the difficulties he suffered Crowl insists it's necessary to keep on having prostate checks since prostate cancer is one of the prime killers of men from middle age onwar

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Mike Crowl went for what he thought would be a straightforward prostate biopsy a matter of two or three hours in the day surgery and then home The result was not at all what he expected and he spent the next few months with a catheter ongoing infections increasing frustration and not a few tears Suddenly he was in the world

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    I enjoyed reading Diary of a Prostate Wimp For any man going through it for the first time the book is helpful

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    There's an interview by Jason Goroncy with the author here

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    Good read on prostate I wish there was updates as this ebook is written in 2014 Knowing the future outcome of such operatio

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