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Viking Mythology

Is book offers the modern reader a gateway into the wondrous world of Norse mythology with all its gods goddesses heroes giants elves dwarfs and other creatures But at the same time this is than just a collection of the ancient myths This book also places all these gods and myths in their historical context and explains the religion of the Vikings with its sacred calendar its holy places and its sacrifices.

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Splay paintings with scenes from Norse mythology and authors and painters still draw on the language and content of the old myths Also artists elsewhere in the world are inspired by the Norse myths Richard Wagner borrowed heavily from Viking lore when he wrote his operas and it's hard to imagine the fantasy worlds of J R R Tolkien and George R R Martin without the inspiration from Scandinavian mythology Th.

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Stories of the hammer wielding Thor wise Odin beautiful goddess Freya and evil Loki have fascinated people throughout the ages Even today almost a thousand years after the last Scandinavians abandoned the old gods for Christianity the Viking myths continue to captivate new generations of readers Scandinavian artists have been inspired by these myths for hundreds of years Art museums all over Scandinavia di.

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    Great storiesYou really get the jist of the basis of myths here Very easy read I do wish there was an easier way to remember all the names of the gods and giants

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    Simple introduction to Norse mythology It did make me want to read and has some discussion about the Poetic Edda which I would also like to read

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    The book spent too much time saying where the myths had come from rather than telling the myths

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