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Coercion fused by Federation forces with one goal in mind Reprogram America’s greatest weapon into its greatest threat The contents of this book are intended for a mature audience This book is associated with Call of Duty Ghosts a video game which was assigned a Mature rating with Blood and Gore Intense Violence Strong Language Suggestive Themes Use of Drugs by the ES.

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Devils Breath

Before a devastating orbital strike crippled its government and set the stage for invasion the United States military relied on a top secret unit of special operatives known only by their codename The Ghosts But when their leader and commanding officer Captain Gabriel Rorke is captured deep in South America at the hands of the Federation it’s his place atop the highly.

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Trained off books unit that makes him the highest priority enemy combatant in American history Exclusively published on Kindle and Kindle devices “Devil’s Breath” buries readers underground with Rorke as he struggles to survive years of captivity a victim of not only chemical psychological and physical torture methods perfected by the CIA but ancient ian methods of.

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    I think this is one of the cases in which the narrative didn't benefit from the first person POV The entirety of this book is dedicated to what kinds of torture Rorke has been through and it ends with a sort of explanation as to why he turned against the Ghosts and decided to hunt them down I had a couple of i

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