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Nn begins his own investigation into the rash of criminal activity in London And although inexperienced at his task he has the good luck of a man who doesn't know in what sort of danger he has placed himsel.

Review They Never Looked Inside

They Never Looked Inside

Into the ongoing investigation of a crime wave when an Inspector Hazelrigg of Scotland Yard uestions him about a young man nicknamed Gunner from his military command A few days after this conversation McCa.

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After six years of soldiering in occupied Austria Major Angus McCann spends his second day back in London hunting for a uiet pub in which to sip a few beers But on his third day out of the army he is called.

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    What an adventure Hazelrigg Major McCann were amazing in catching the bad guys

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    This is my last Michael Gilbert novel I have read all the others a number of years ago but this one proved elusive as either an inter library loan or used book I had to wait for the ebook This is the type of procedural that Gilbert devised with great detail The book's post war London is authentic largely because the war was still fresh in the mind of the author Smuggling on a large organized scale is the focus I fine time

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    An Inspector Hazelrigg book that also features Major McCann Robbery Assault MURDER Smuggling Story told masterfully by Michael Gilbert Like the book Smallbone Deceased The book contains the crime solved by various groups working toge

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