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Humans two leg no brains During her captivity Poofna keeps a journal of her experiences killing nature and escape att.

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Killer Cat

Killer Cat is a cynical satire entering the mind of a housecat The cat Poofna believes herself to be imprisoned by her.

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Empts Be prepared to laugh as Poofna elaborates on her feelings and adventures while serving her time within the priso.

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    Amusing premise but the huge number of typos and general lack of knowledge about the basics of the English language were too distracting; I thought at first that it might be a failed attempt at LOL cat speak but it was so distracting and in many places not even close to what the person was trying to say or might be trying to say if said in a humorous cat perspective that I think that the book just lacked anything resembling an edit There w

  2. says:

    I loved this The thought of a cat keeping a journal about their imprisonment is very entertaining to me The cat i

  3. says:

    HmmI sincerely hope that my cats don't think of me this way Also the author had a few typos that should have been fixed It was kind of a funny s