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Mels Love Land

Ime to find outLOVE IS THE WORDEverywhere you go is an opportunity no matter what the circumstance to experience your own personal Love Land seeing with the vision of the heart sharing in its joy i

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What would the world be likeIf Love always remained the answerIf 80% of the thoughts flying in the air were lovingImagine the possibilities of peace productivity and prosperity on the planetIt is t

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Ts essence and deep purpose for beingMELS LOVE LAND invites you to experience the joy of remembering no matter what the uestion love always remains the answer#MelsLoveLand #Next100 share what matte

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    Love Land holds the space of possibility to remind those of us who enter its circle of influence to remember that everything that isn’t loving is an illusion and only Love is real If you are looking for support to move through challenging circumstances let love lead the way

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    This book made me so incredibly angry Sure it is listed as non fiction and inspirational but in all out truth it is a bunch of rubbish If you feel the need to buy this I take such pity on you Just realize yes there is love throughout the world and yes it comes in all shapes and forms that you should accept However if you do not understand t

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