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Her impression of her date's personality When it's over she intends to go back to life as it had been If only it is that easy She doesn't anticipate finding a piece of clothing she can't leave behind And she doesn't expect the price tag to be so darn hefty.

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Mendatingshopping Jill Anthony newspaper photographer and self imposed loner has just had her life turned topsy turvy by her meddlesome mother and roommate She can't understand why everyone thinks she needs to date to have a fulfilling life Her career is g.

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Ood and she is content But then work offers her the chance to get the monkey off her back Fake dates just for research purposes No commitment just information Suddenly men are like clothes fabric size color cut even care instructions can all be matched to.

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    Most people can tell they’re about to have a bad day by glancing at a neary empty gas gauge or a torn stocking Jill Anthony’s bad day begins with a line of men outside her door reponding to an ad for a boyfriend that lists her address She

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    I expected of this book from the title than I got out of it The title and synopsis on the back lead me to believe that it would be a very different and interesting book Very immature writing style with mixed plots and language styles that switch back and forth I read through hoping to find some redeeming feature but didn't find one

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    Loved the book its so unlike you in real life Melani Blazer