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's interpretation of the Lord's Prayer The World of Shadows and of Realities The lost piece of silver A Note on The Dark Side of Us 19 May 1945 Chief Feature A Note on Faith Difficulties of Psychology All Life Becomes Your Teach.

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Informal Works Talks and Teachings

CONTENTS About Maurice Nicoll Dr Nicoll's first instructions Unpublished Preface to the Psychological Commentaries on The Teaching of GI Gurdjieff PDOuspensky by H Fulford Bush 1949 Foreword by Lewis Creed David Wynne Puer Aeter.

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Nus Diagrams from Maurice Nicoll's Room A man with a mirror Informal Work Teachings The Centres Observations on war Self justifying The Work Octave On Self Observation The Two Triads First Conscious Shock Pythagorian Y Dr Nicoll.