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The uotable Pisces describes the poetically sensitive Pisces personality with than 600 uotes and examples from celebrated Pisces like Albert Einstein John Steinbeck Elizabeth Taylor and Rihanna Famous Pisceans describe their natural Talents for imagination and compassion in one chapter addressing Challenges like overindulgence and lack of focus in another Chapters about Work Creativity Sports and Relationships show how the Pisces.

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The uotable Pisces

Terested in This new book describing the core Pisces personality makes a interesting and informative read than a seasonal book offering the Pisces forecast for 2012 With lists of than 150 Pisces artists 75 leaders 100 athletes and 150 famous relationships The uotable Pisces satisfies the reader interest in personalized detail that's exemplified by 's bestselling astrological item The Secret Language of Birthdays Brief description.

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Traits of sensitivity and timelessness come through in specific arenas The uotable Pisces reveals a dozen Pisces specialties such as actor Emmys and auto race champions than any other zodiac sign Linda Goodman's Sun Signs has sold tens of millions of copies Like Sun Signs The uotable Pisces is entertaining introductory and accurate The uotable Pisces goes beyond Sun Signs by letting buyers zero in on the one sign that they're in.

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