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Sland to her passion filled adolescence and young adulthood to her legal fights as world famous author to her shattering experiences with motherhood and as wife to a deeply troubled man this fascinating intimate narrative of her life will engage and delig. Good grief is this a good biography Meticulously researched willing to examine Montgomery s journals skeptically and using outside sources to verify or uestion them with endnotes just as fascinating as the text this is a caring careful thorough look at Montgomery s life Is is clear that the author s research beginning in the late 70s and early 80s and continuing through the biography s publication and her incredible work co editing Montgomery s journals made this piece of a scholarship possible All of you go read this

characters Lucy Maud Montgomery The Gift of Wings

Lucy Maud Montgomery The Gift of Wings

? her son maids friends relatives all now deceased – are only part of the material gathered in a journey to understand Montgomery that took Rubio to Poland and the highlands of Scotland From Montgomery’s apparently idyllic childhood in Prince Edward I. Beautiful Exceptionally well written

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Mary Henley Rubio has spent over two decades researching Montgomery’s life and has put together a comprehensive and penetrating picture of this Canadian literary icon all set in rich social context Extensive interviews with people who knew Montgomery ?. Very interesting biography However unfortunately not uite as unbiased as I d hoped to see from somebody who s done SUCH extensive research on her subject matter of course I understand no biography can ever be completely unbiased I guess neutral is a better wordMy initial impression was that I was glad I d read the journals before reading this First of all there were events Rubio skimmed over very uickly where I was glad to have a bit background information than the biography gave Secondly I felt it provided me with a nuanced view of LMM s life than I would have had if I d only had the biography as a source The book is generally well written although I did feel like Rubio occasionally included too much background information I understand the desire to share 20 years worth of research but I felt the book would have flowed better if she d limited the detailed information about various people s ancestors and had used the space thus freed up to include the endnotes she was forced to leave out instead Also there were many repetitions where Rubio repeated herself practically word for word over a space of just a few pages close enough anyway that I noticed I really appreciated this condensed version of the journals it s much much easier to keep all the details of various events the different lawsuits in particular straight when they re presented with all the information in one place rather than as necessary in the journals spread out over the course of several YEARS where you forget the first details before the last have even happened yet However I do think that Rubio unfortunately drew a lot of conclusions that I don t believe she had grounds to make not based on the information given in GoW anyway Of course she may have had other interviews etc to base her theories on but as these were never mentioned in GoW the reader doesn t know about them and it therefore comes across as idle speculation The most obvious case is the alleged importance of a person in LMM s life based solely on a page in one of her scrapbooks Based on this information alone there simply isn t enough evidence to state anything for sure one way or the other I for one didn t agree with her interpretation and was sad to notice how Rubio twisted a lot of events in the following to suggest that her interpretation was the correct one It may have been I don t dispute that but because of the way it was written there doesn t seem to be enough evidence and the entire speculation comes across as gossipy and sensational Something I was very sad to see in what I d hoped would be a serious account Don t get me wrong it mostly is It just wasn t as unbiased as I d expected and Rubio seemed at times almost patronizing towards LMM in places putting a lot of emphasis on small events that made LMM end up looking petty and unkind She may have been probably was at times but these unnecessary connecting of unrelated circumstances stood out like a sore thumb Once specific example is the end note 38 of the Norval years where Rubio makes a very unfavourable comparison that I think completely uncalled for and unjust That said I still really enjoyed the book especially the extra insights and small details that I didn t already know and that were based on Rubio s many and detailed interviews with LMM s various maids friends and of course Stuart himself Rubio s obviously passionate about her work and it clearly shows in her writing making it engaging and easily read So definitely a very very interesting book but like with all other biographies it should be taken with a grain of salt and a lot of common source criticism as no biography can ever claim to be 100% unbiased

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    When I was 20 I stumbled upon the first volume of LM Montgomery's published journals in the stacks of my college library As a long time fan of Anne of Green Gables and other old favorites by Montgomery I eagerly checked it out At the time I was living in a romantic garret in an old house an attic with sloping ro

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    It has been almost ten years or so since I first read or to the point with much perusing joy uite literally devoured Mary Henley Rubio's superb biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery And while I will always consider Lucy Maud Montgomery T

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    Very interesting biography However unfortunately not uite as unbiased as I'd hoped to see from somebody who's done SUCH extensive re

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    Heartbreaking absolutely beautiful and well researched biography about a woman whose writing I have said changed my life I

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    Beautiful Exceptionally well written

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    ”All the stories that Maud told were essentially variations on her own personal narrative those of young girls and women trying to find a home and a life where there is love approval and respect”To be fair to biographer Mary Henley Rubio I believed after reading The Gift of Wings that she knows about as much as it is possible to know about Lucy Maud Montgomery a writer beloved by so many generations of readers After reading h

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    Exerpted from my review Magic Island and The Gift of Wings Elizabeth Waterston and Mary Rubio Dual Book Review Children’s Literature 38 Spring 2010 254 259Rubio’s The Gift of Wings is not the first biography of Montgom

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    Good grief is this a good biography Meticulously researched willing to examine Montgomery’s journals skeptically and using outside sources to verify or uestion them with endnotes just as fascinating as the text this is a caring careful thorough look at Montgomery’s life Is is clear that the author’s research beginning in th

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    Melissa recommendsThough not for the faint of heart the size alone is enough to scare plenty of people off this is one heck of a biography I admit it I've been reading books by and about Montgomery since elementary school I am a Big Fan So when I picked this book up I was expecting a well written thorough biography but I wasn't really expecti

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    I have just ordered this from Canada as it is not available yet at US This is the long awaited biography long in the making and longer in anticipationMaud Montgomery is my favorite authoress storytellerShe was a prolific Canadian writer and world famous with her publication of Anne of Green Gables in the early 1900's Because her works are

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