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Ntly and powerfully All of you just blow me away As I’ve sat over the many months writing this book my heart has welled up for all the women out there dreaming planning or living on the road I’m only one on this journey with my partner Nancy we make two but when I reach out with my heart there you all are We are a tribe of Wild Women on the Road and your spirits are shining Individually we’re being drawn to life on the road as nomads but the nomadic movement is a bigger vision for women for all of us Our inward journey takes a solitary path but it’s that individual vision that connects us all as a tribe Nomadism as a women’s movement is one that’s once again changing who we are in the world It’s a movement of freedom and of knowing what we’re capable of accomplishing for ourselves Nomadism is teaching us we are so much than what we’ve been convinced to believe that our spirits run deepe.

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Wild Women On The Road

How do you face and overcome your fears How do you successfully transition through radical change epic downsizing adjusting to a mobile life staying safe in a mobile environment and all the other ups and downs that are inevitable for women on the road This book is written by a woman nomad for women to help get you through the roadblocks that many of us encounter as nomads Whether you’re full time or part time dreaming planning already on the road or just curious this book is filled with ideas to help you navigate not only nomadic life but also any other life altering events that may come your way My name is Mary Ellen Telesha and I've worked with and for women for over 25 years first as a patient care advocate in a medical setting and then as a Life Coach for women in my private life coaching practice Now as a nomad meeting other women on the road I see every one of you living extraordinary lives elega.

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R than they want us to see Now we’re reclaiming that knowledge for ourselves There are two journeys we take as Wild Women On The Road one the physical encompassing the roads we take the sights we see and fellow nomads we meet and one the profound inner journey we take as we discover our wild and untamed selves on the road This book is written to provide inspiration and guidance to help you navigate the profound inner journey of becoming a nomad and in turn support your outward physical journey In these modern times the authentic woman is rising again in all her fierceness and one of the ways she’s showing up in the world is in the increasing multitudes of women following the call of their wild hearts to live as nomads If you’re reading this you’re among the growing numbers of women feeling the mysterious pull of the nomadic life This book is written for you wherever you may be in your life journe.

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    Easy ride alongI like the journey along with me style through dreams getting there there not uite fitting the dream trade offs and

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    Some practical advice interspersed with philosophical thoughts about why people especially women want to explore an adventuresome life on the road

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