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This revised edition includes a New Intergalactic Introduction by the AuthorMary Daly's New Intergalactic Introduction explores her process as a Crafty Pirate on the Journey of Writing GynEcology and reveals the autobiographical context of this Thunderbolt of Rage that she first hurled against the patriarchs in 1979 and no hurls again in the Re Surging Movement of Radical Feminism in the Be Dazzling NinetiesTheologianphilosopher Daly The Church the 2nd Sex Rev '75; Beyond God the Father '73 has written an extremist bookon the edge of a culture that is killing itself Conceived as a radical feminist Voyage of woman becoming herself i. While Daly has some fascinating excellent commentary on religion patriarchy and the religion of patriarchy I cannot get over how nauseatingly transphobic this text is It is worth reading I think it s valuable from a feminist perspective but it is firmly stuck in the nastiest part of the second wave It s a constant awful nasty thread running through the entire text that transsexuals as she refers to transgender people are the enemies of women are not women and are the tools of patriarchy to be expelled and made fun of It s pretty horrifying Also she repeats constantly that there aren t really any female to male trans folks So I don t know how to feel about this book It has great ideas buried in it but it also has some astounding bigotry

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GynEcology The Metaethics of Radical Feminism

T's made up of three Passages The 1st denounces the reversals deceptions mind pollution of patriarchal disciplines including Godfather theology exuberantly sets out to discover the true Croneology behind that male mystification The 2nd the most somber part of the Journey analyzes Goddess murder and the murder of the Goddess in every woman thru the Sado Rituals of five specific historic atrocities Indian suttee Chinese footbinding African genital mutilation European witchburning American gynecology psychotherapy gynecology of the mind practiced by the rapists Following this exorcism the Voyager moves in the 3rd Passage to the Otherw. Basically the BEST book on radical feminism ever written

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Orld of lesbian feminist Spinsters who successfully scorn patriarchal intimidation Spooking stir the fire of female friendship Sparking after a rip roaring Unraveling gotterdammerung joyously spin on as Revolting Hags En route Daly purposefully busts out of some traditional male forms language Altho the word work of the livingverbing writer sometimes gets in the wayweigh of flashing in sights a painstaking indictment of scholarly erasure of historic events some bone chilling facts of women's story Daly's excursion is bound to inspire SpinstersSpider Women everywhere to leave just about everyone else haggard in fury ated Kirkus edit. Spinsters spin all ways always

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    This book really got me off my ass about feminism it was the most extreme analysis I had ever read about the oppression of woman It is this type of thinking that I think helped fuel the backlash against feminism NOT because it was wrong though I think some things were exaggerated or not uite true but because it so accurately reflect how de

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    While Daly has some fascinating excellent commentary on religion patriarchy and the religion of patriarchy I cannot get over how nauseatingly transphobic this text is It is worth reading I think; it's valuable fro

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    I would give this 45 if I could I found the first chapters a bit confusing and weird but perhaps I should read the

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    I don't write a lot of reviews but upon reading some others here I want to add my voiceI see a lot of people dismissing Mary Daly because they don't agree with her on one point or another I find this somewhat tragic She ha

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    Every man needs to read this book if they want to be an ally to woman This is a difficult read and men will get very defensive unless they realize that this is statement about the patriarchy rather than an individual; however just the way our male body is less vulnerable than that of a woman and has been all throughout time and that we are physically larger and stronger we have oppressed woman we have raped we have disfi

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    Basically the BEST book on radical feminism ever written

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    In defense of Mary Daly I love GynEcology even if Audre Lorde doesn't I love Daly's insistence on di secting words in order to draw out their meanings some may find it gimmicky The rest of her published works don't interest me the way GynEcology does but I think Ms Daly is genius More feminists should read her even if her brand of feminism

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    Spinsters spin all ways always

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    The section on the skin crawling origin of the gynecological medical specialty alone is worth the price of the book Daly's unvarnished and very angry ruminations on patriarchy are very thought provoking Casually picking this book up was my introduction to radical feminist thought and it was like jumping in the de

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    Through her writing Mary Daly mothers those of us whose birth mothers swallowed by patriarchal religions eeked out depressed lives Even today such forces dogmatically shame and subjugateDaly examines the manner in

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