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R very best impression anywhere in the world Experts from than forty countries from Argentina and the Baltics to Saudi Arabia Thailand the UK and the US share cultural do's and don'ts business practices and job hunting tips and help you create a winning resume tailored to the specific reuirements of your target nation How to Get the Job You Want in Any Country Country by country overviews of 40 countries in North and South America Asia Europe the Baltics and How to match your resumecv to the country Cover letters Job sources Internet sites Work permits and visas Interview tips Cultural advi.

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The Global Resume and CV Guide

Information on 40 different countries including the United States Includes job sources Internet sites work permitvisa reuirements interviewing and cultural advice Until The Global Resume and CV Guide there has not been any information regarding country specific job application guidelines for candidates who want to take the international job search into their own hands The Global Guide is an outstanding resource Daniel Mensch Associate Partner Andersen Consulting Sweden MASTER THE RULES OF THE GLOBAL JOB MARKET COUNTRY BY COUNTRY Did you know that in Japan the job application or rirekisho is.

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A handwritten two page form that is purchased from the local stationery store That in the US attaching a photo to your resumecv is a faux pas that tells the employer you do not know the rules That in Sweden your resumecv should be signed by someone who can attest that what you wrote is true That in Korea it is important to state on your resumecv if you are the eldest child in the family Commerce has gone global and so have careers If you want to capitalize on rapidly expanding opportunities outside your native land this uniue comprehensive guide gives you the knowledge you need to make you.

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