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    This is a dark and atmospheric supernatural horror thriller set in the 1980s The actual location is left mysteriously unclear although we do know that it is an island It is 1982 and the main character September 'Sep' Hope and teens Arkle Mack

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewOne summer 70's evening five boys discover a box in the woods To cement their friendship the friends decide to make sacrifices to the box by giving up something meaningful to place inside with the threat that if one of them opens the box terrible things will happen1982 and the friends have drifted apart Until terrible wicked things start to happen

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    DISCLAIMER The Sacrifice Box probably doesn’t even deserve the enjoyment it got from me “Objectively” it

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    One of the great things I loved about this book was the setting It’s set in 1986 and the lead characters are just 1 year older than me at the time It brings about such great memories of bad hair outlandish dress sense and some fa

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    25 stars Lots of fun 80s vibes and a bit of creepy stuff but lacking in the characters Never come to the box aloneNever open it after darkNever take back your sacrifice Soooo I kind of forgot I hadn't reviewed this one yet Whoops Let's fix thatRiding the unstoppable train of nostalgia and creepy charm that is Stranger Things Martin Stewart's sopho novel The Sacrifice Box unfortunately fails to stand out from the crowd Th

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    DNF at 34%I loved this synopsis and the cover and was so eager to get to this This cast of characters is fairly large and I couldn’t connect to any of them especially with the jumping around in POVs I don’t know if it was the formatting on my e arc but everything felt choppy and underdeveloped Plot wise it was slow I know I didn’t give it too much but I expect something compelling to have happened when I’m a thir

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    Please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t expect a horror novel after reading that synopsis? I normally don’t

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    The synopsis for this one sounded so dark and brilliant even as YA that I was really looking forward to it I re

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    I didn't love this book but it was really entertaining to read and it had a really enjoyable storyline

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    I've always enjoyed horror books while hating that they scare me at the same time Although this one wasn't too scary it had enough scarygross out moments that I could appreciate it Basically it is the story of five friends

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Will never return to the box at night; they'll never visit it alone; and they'll never take back their offeringsFour years later the gang have drifted apart Then a series of strange and terrifying events take place and Sep and his friends understand that one o. DNF at 34%I loved this synopsis and the cover and was so eager to get to this This cast of characters is fairly large and I couldn t connect to any of them especially with the jumping around in POVs I don t know if it was the formatting on my e arc but everything felt choppy and underdeveloped Plot wise it was slow I know I didn t give it too much but I expect something compelling to have happened when I m a third of the way into a story There was nothing captivating me I did skip to the end and read the last two chapters but it wasn t enough to get me to want to continue I m not going to rate it because I know several people who loved it and I trust their opinion Perhaps it would have gotten better for me However I also take note of the multiple reviews that mention gratuitous animal abuse and mutilation and I don t want to read any part of that Huge thanks to Viking Books for Young Readers for providing the arc free of charge

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The Sacrifice Box

F them has broken the pactAs their sacrifices haunt them with increased violence and hunger they realise that they are not the first children to have found the box in their town's history And ultimately the box may want the greatest sacrifice of all one of them. Please tell me I m not the only one who didn t expect a horror novel after reading that synopsis I normally don t read horror books it s not at all my genre but I did enjoy reading this one surprisingly The story is about Sep whose name is actually September he s lonely has no friends and wants to move from the island he lives to the mainland to go to school there and become an engineer The story is set in the 1980 s but there are flashbacks to what happened before the main storyline They spoke the words the rules of the sacrifice Never come to the box alone they said hands unmoving Never open it after dark they said fingers joined together Never take back your sacrifice they finished then let go What I really liked about this book was the dark gruesome and very atmospheric writing It was so well written and vivid I loved that it gave the story atmosphere It wasn t really scary but I m not sure it is supposed to be like I said I don t normally read horror but it was engrossing and made me keep reading I was really invested in how it was going to end and whether it all was going get a happy ending or notA thing that annoyed me which was not really anything that was wrong was how there were so many nicknames used in the story All the teens in the group of main characters use both their real name last name and nicknames and it was so confusing I couldn t tell them apart and that really annoyed me because that way all the character depth and development was lost to me At one point there was someone named Daniels and for the sake of me I do not know who the hell this character wasYesterday he d woken up with his world in order his mum was well his exams were over his boarding school application was nearly complete No obstacles Everything he d work forAnd now whatHis mum was getting sick againHe was bunking off school with the othersAnd his teddy bear was trying to kill himAs a sidenote I was scrolling through some reviews on goodreads and some mentioned that the book was too gruesome for the YA age range and all of those reviews were written by adults judging by profile pictures I am no teen myself but as a 21 year old I think it s fair to say I think teens and young adults are used to gore than they these adults think Anyway if you cannot stand reading about blood killing of animals or gore this might not be for you We re all little miracles she said everything about us all our stupid habits and our jokes and our weird faces on a spinning ball that s a perfect distance from the sun And now here we are you and me sitting on top of a million years of history I am giving this book 35 4 stars because despite that it was completely not as I expected it to be I really enjoyed the book The characters were a bit lost to me but that might just be my uirk I think you would really like this if you love Stranger Things and horror movies or books

summary ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Martin Stewart

Sep Arkle Mack Lamb and Hadley five friends thrown together one hot sultry summer When they discover an ancient stone box hidden in the forest they decide to each make a sacrifice something special to them committed to the box for ever And they make a pact they. DISCLAIMER The Sacrifice Box probably doesn t even deserve the enjoyment it got from me Objectively it s not a good book It s pretty bad actually Subjectively I had a ton of fun and it was just what I needed right now If you are reading this review you have caught me in a moment of weakness I ve had a really rough week maybe like weeks and I was in desperate need of a little guilty pleasure Some people grab a horribly cheesy rom com some OD on chocolate and wine I indulge in some horror More specifically bad horror Youtuber Chris Stuckman check him out if you enjoy film reviews has coined a term that is perfect for those type of horror movies hilariocity Something that is such an atrocity that it becomes hilarious The Sacrifice Box comes dangerously close to that territoryI said it in an update after 100 pages it reads like a B horror movie in bookform The further I got into the book the I saw the resemblances We will get to those similarities in a second don t worry The book actually starts off with the potential to be a good thriller Read the synopsis and you know what I mean This first segment has some great eighties horror vibes and has the potential to be a pretty decent thriller Then around the same 100 page mark though the novel completely derails and enters a realm of paranormal absurdity and eighties horror tropes At this point it basically asks you to either get off the train or just roll with it If you roll with it you are in for a treat Seriously if you don t plan on reading this at all I encourage you to click that spoiler button just to see how hilarious this gets view spoiler There are zombie reanimated animals and killer toys THERE S A KILLER TEDDYBEAR I m actually laughing my ass off hide spoiler