[PDF/EPUB] Professorial Pathways BY Martin J Finkelstein

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SUMMARY ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Martin J Finkelstein

In the twenty first century universities worldwide have found themselves thrust into a great brain race as nations both developed and developing seek to enhance their place in the global knowledge economy As the concept of the de localized university one that has radically expanded perhaps even beyond national borders grows competing nations have begun reshaping aspects of their national systems to accommodate global standards and metricsIn Professorial Pathways Martin J Finkelstein and Glen A Jones consider how academic careers vary in countries that are fundamentally different in their organization and dynamics Building on.

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Professorial Pathways

25 years of scholarship the book confronts major uestions What can we learn from the experience of other nations as they seek to balance the seemingly contradictory imperatives of expanding access and ensuring global competitiveness What are the implications of this rapidly changing policy environment for the health of the academic professions on which university teaching and scholarship depends And how can we advance the comparative study of higher education and in particular of the academic professionThe volume brings together detailed case studies of the latest and ever changing educational developments in ten countries.

SUMMARY ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Martin J Finkelstein

Across Europe France Germany United Kingdom Russia Asia China India Japan North America United States Canada and South America Brazil Essays written by respected scholars in the field identify the major structural features of national higher education systems and academic markets that directly shape academic work and careers Professorial Pathways will be of interest to anyone who toils in the vineyards of comparative and international higher educationContributors Elizabeth Balbachevsky Martin J Finkelstein N Jayaram Glen A Jones Barbara M Kehm Dan Mao Christine Musselin Peter Scott Fengiao Yan Akiyoshi Yonezawa Maria Yudkevi.