[Free Read] Sun Tzu Compact The Essentials of The Art of War BY Markus Fatalin

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Sun Tzu Compact The Essentials of The Art of War

This book Sun Tzu Compact The Essentials of The Art of War is aimed at all those readers who want to absorb the wisdom that Sun Tzu expressed in his main work The Art of War in a condensed form without losing the actual meaning and the fundamental statements of each chapter The Chinese general Sun Tzu was the first to describe the principal policies of military strategy and operations We know his work as The Art of War It is assumed that it was written in the 5th century BC His doctrine turned out to be so successful that they became secret knowledge only shared with the most senior and trusted officers What is so fascinating about his book Why is the work of Sun Tzu still in use 2500 years after its creation Why is The Art of War not only an inspiration to military strategists but also widely applied in many non military areas too It is because the rules and doctrine Sun Tzu had laid down still define the core principles of many corporate functions This is true for company leadership HR and project management but also for

Free read Sun Tzu Compact The Essentials of The Art of War

Operations controlling and finance Sun Tzu was a successful general His writings and wordings are those of the military They relate to military leadership and not corporate leadership Yet the reader will immediately recognize the similarities of military and corporate operations Everybody will grasp the wisdom of the statements that are eually true for leading an army as for leading a small or large corporation It becomes apparent that the rules of military engagement are based on comparable organizational and strategic concepts as with conducting a global marketing campaign or a similar project Sun Tzu main objectives were professionalism and efficiency An army has to be trained professionally and led in an effective manner This is the way to achieve your goals without risking the state to suffer The Art of War comprises of 13 chapters covering specific subjects from theoretical practical and strategic points of view They examine extensively the basic rules of leading an army offensive and defensive strategies topography

Read & Download ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB µ Markus Fatalin

And the financial aspects of waging war There are two core statements which run through the text like a common thread They appear in different ways at different sections of the book 1 It is mandatory to constantly observe and assess the enemy the territory and one’s own situation Only those who at any time possess the necessary information are capable of grasping the complete situation and thus be able to make the right decisions 2 Only a well led army can win in perpetuity Good leadership is not only a result of discipline training of best practices and the correct system of rewards and punishment but derives primarily from the character of the general and the abilities of its officers The Art of War is much than a collection of buzzwords and slogans It is the collective wisdom of one of the world’s most prominent generals If you follow his doctrine you will be able to create your own situations and strategies and use them to your advantage If you ignore his doctrine you can only hope that fortune will help you succe

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