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Rthritis and aging with aspecial emphasis on cancerWhile the term “oxygen therapy” conjures images of a crucially ill patient lying ina hospital bed with tubes strapped to his face this book will show that oxygencan offer so much Dr Sircus first looks at the nature of oxygen and itspurpose in the body He then provides an understanding of how inflammationworks to destroy the body’s tissues over time and how oxygen can reverse thisprocess He examines the current treatments that use hyperbaric oxygenchambers as well as newer protocols that employ this vital element In additionDr.

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Anti Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy

It is invisible it is powerful and it is life sustaining It is oxygen We inhale it everyday of our lives and while it makes up only 21 percent of the air we breathe it iskey to our very existence The we learn about its healing properties the we recognize its tremendous potential as a medical treatment for manyserious disorders Yet few have known about its important therapeutic uses untilnow In his new book Anti Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy best selling author DrMark Sircus examines the remarkable benefits oxygen therapy offers fromdetoxification to treatments for disorders such as a.

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Sircus offers a simple safe and highly effective fifteen minute techniue thatcan be used in the privacy of your home so that you can enjoy maximum benefitsfor a healthier lifeIf you are wondering why you haven’t heard about this “miracle” treatmentbefore the truth is that oxygen cannot be patented it is not expensive and youdon’t have to be a specialist to use it Without a tremendous profit behind it it’sbecome a well kept secret but the facts speak for themselves In this book youwill learn these life altering facts information that could change your health forthe better.