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    Mark is in Bhutan which has only been open to foreign tourists since 1978 and gets roughly 15000 a year So you can imagine that it would be unspoiled by tourism but basic in facilities Tourists are also expected to fork out big money for cheap rubbish souvenirs Sounds like they have a way to go in understanding touristsMark is saddened that the weather proves to be really bad with clouds covering the mountains for the fi

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Imagine a land of no plastic bags where smoking is illegal in every suare corner and people chew betel nuts to get their kicks instead which leave them with comical red tongues that give the game away Suppose the economic welfare of this land is measured not in Gross Domestic Product but a commodity known as Gross National Happiness and the state religion preaches non violence resulting in a surfeit of stray dogs that nobody has the heart to put down Imagine a ruling elite so benevolent that the king stands down every 20 years to give his son a chance to hav.

characters Yakking with the Thunder Dragon

Yakking with the Thunder Dragon

Deities which live at the top of them so he has to go trekking instead And secondly the country's yak population is among the most dangerous in the world making trekking a hazardous businessHe decides to travel there anyway brave its feisty yaks and walk the epic Snowman Trek a long distance trail which has the distinction of being completed by fewer people than have climbed Everest This is the travel diary of his journey and will appeal to anyone with a fascination for this magical Himalayan kingdom It includes many of the author's photographs from the trek.

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E a go at reigningSupposing this remarkable land really existed and that it happened to contain some of the most dramatic mountain landscapes in the world Any lover of high places would just have to go there to climb some mountains Well amazingly it does it's called Bhutan and it nestles at the eastern end of the Himalayas between the jungles of India and the desert plateaus of TibetFor Mark Horrell a mountaineer there are just two small problems with this mountain paradise He isn't allowed to climb any mountains because the inhabitants respect the mountain.