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And Angus would lose her forever He couldn't let his young daughter start calling her Mommy Yet how could he resist this precious lost lady when she'd already claimed both their hearts Happily ever after…with kids.

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Angus's Lost Lady

15th AnniversaryCelebrating fifteen years of romanceSilhouette INTIMATE MOMENTS FAMILIES ARE FOREVER WHO WAS SHE Private detective Angus MacDougall was used to finding missing persons But the woman standing before h.

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Im was a completely different story She had absolutely no idea who she wasFrom the first he wanted her But he knew that the delicate mystery woman wouldn't remain unclaimed for long Some lucky man would come for her.

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    This was a very average amnesia story Heroine loses her memory and walks into the hero's office because she has his card on him The hero takes her in to his house and soon she is playing house with him and his daughter Of course she is in danger from an unknown source what caused her to lose her memories

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    I enjoyed this books so much Even though the plot's basically predictable I liked it I love how gentle Angus is I guess maybe because he's a dad That's why he has this sweet tenderness in him Overall I liked this book and I look forward to read from this author ❤

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