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Neoliberalism and the Media

Gender race class and other aspects of social identity are inextricably tied to each other within media representation At once innovative and distinctive in its illustration of how the media is complicit in perpetuating neoliberal ideology Neoliberalism and the Media offers students and scholars alike an incisive portrait of the intersection between media and ideology today.

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Ualitative textual methodologies and theoretical frameworks the chapters examine diverse topics from news coverage of the 2016 US presidential election to the NBC show Superstore an atypical instance in which a TV show for one brief season challenged the central tenets of neoliberalism to kitchen porn The book also takes an intersectional approach as contributors explore how.

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This book examines the multiple ways that popular media mainstream and reinforce neoliberal ideology exposing how they promote neoliberalism's underlying ideas values and beliefs so as to naturalize ineuality undercut democracy and contribute to the collapse of social notions of community and the common goodCovering a wide range of media and genres and adopting a variety of.

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