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Is before cotton arrived It had hardly changed economically or socially for hundreds of years Margaret Penn was Hilda Winstanley taken into a farm labourer's family and brought up as one of them She was an illegitimate child her real father being a far richer man and her sense of being different lent her powers of social observation a greater sharpness The three.

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Manchester Fourteen Miles

Volumes of this Lancashire childhood were popular with reviewers and readers in the late 1940s but then fell out of print They now hold new appeal as an important record of a fascinating period of social history as well as a moving and evocative account of one woman's life Cambridge University Press is delighted to make them available for a new generation to enj.

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Manchester Fourteen Miles was the inscription on the signpost outside 'Moss Ferry' the village where 'Hilda Winstanley' grew up before the First World War The seemingly short distance from the capital of England's cotton industry was nonetheless the distance between one world and another 'Moss Ferry' was a village which belonged to the old agricultural order that.

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    A beautifully written and acutely observed story of a young girl growing up with a family being paid to take her in following her mother's death and her father's desertion The story later emerging that her real father was

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    Hilda Winstanley growing up in Moss Ferry England

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    I enjoyed this book I felt I was right where the author planted me and that is where I wanted to be in this remote village only 14 miles from Manchester I was engaged sufficiently to want to travel on with Hilda into the second novel in the

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