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Her Husband's Christmas Bargain

Censed She's left him no alternative he will do anything in his power to possess his wife and childMegan is less than impressed when Luigi turns up on her door. Actions speak louder than words And it was never obvious then this bookWorkaholic hero overhears a little girl asking Santa for a daddy He s shocked to find out the little girl s mother is his estranged wife Back in the day when he married her he swore he d make a million by the time he was 30 To realize his ambition he worked every day except Christmas day he got home after his wife was already asleep but didn t mind waking her up for some sex and he went back to work before she woke up In essence he saw her at night when he wanted sex and on Christmas Day when he forced himself to not workUnsurprising she left him but what is surprising is she hid herself awayThe only reason I could think of is that she wanted to convince herself that he d actually try to find her If she didn t hide away and he never came for her then she d have to face that he just didn t care at all about her But if she hid away and he never came it was only because he couldn t find her not that he didn t want toUnfortunately we get his thoughts on many subjects Like when he wonders why he never searched very hard to find his wife The hero s PA keeps telling the heroine that they ve got a thing going on Everytime the heroine confronts him with that he denies it but in his thoughts thinks how all those dinner dates and weekend getaways that he indulged with the PA didn t really mean anything because that was just a reward for a job well doneFor a guy who never had any time for the supposed love of his life I think him taking any time away from work to indulge with a woman means a heck of a lot The hero supposedly wants his daughter but because she s getting in his way he hires a nanny to take care of herOne day the daughter almost drowns in the lake The hero decides that night to take the heroine away just the two of them for a vacation and that s where they go the next morning And when the heroine finally confronts the hero that the PA has been lying and telling her that he s been sleeping with the PA he tells her that he ll talk to the PA and tell her to behaveSo a workaholic who never had any time for his wife manages to take his PA away on some weekend getaways and have a ton of dinner dates with her Supposedly all innocent but whenever confronted with a relationship angle with the PA those innocent all about work getaways and dinners suddenly spring to mind and he has convince himself that those meant nothingAnd when he finds out that the same PA with all those innocent weekends and dinners was spreading lies to his wife about an ongoing affair he s not going to fire her he ll keep her around but warn her to behaveBehave how He s going to keep those odd weekends and dinner dates going because wife y knows what a workaholic he is and assure PA that he s still going to be with her tooThere were words of what he wanted but all his actions pointed to exactly the opposite Did he really love his wife He was never actually tested to find out It s great that he has time to indulge now but he s already realized his ambition so it s not driving him any What if he lost all his money Would he go back to ignoring her until he got himself back where he wanted to beThere was no confrontation no realizations no epiphanies They just get back together and everything goes on

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Step the week before Christmas Luigi is as arrogant as ever and still as impossible to resist But Luigi is adamantMegan will be a wife to him in every way once. Le do en Mayo 2013

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The Italian's marriage demandWhen Italian businessman Luigi Costanzo discovers that Megan his beautiful estranged wife is also the mother of his child he is in. 35 starsHero finds his long lost wife surprise daughter per chance He overhears a li l gal telling Santa Claus that all she wants for Xmas is a daddy an upscale Dept store he recently acuired He s flabbergasted that the kid s mom is none other his estranged wife He finds out where she lives demands that they spend Xmas w him cuz she s deprived him his child the chance of knowing each other s existence He blackmails her if she doesn t dance to his tune he ll take the kid away from her the usual theme in HP What follows is a tug of war as they both struggle to come to terms that despite 4 yrs of separation their chemistry is still dynamite What had triggered the collapse of their marriage What makes her so resistant to his attempt reconciliation He works his off to convince her that he s a reformed hubby now He s not a monk he s been w others during their separation cuz he s a red blooded male w needs yet he gets pissy w her when he learns of her potential BF He thinks she s barking up the wrong tree dismissing her accusations that he s been boinking his luvly PA On the other hand she feels that he only needed her as a bedmate housekeeper during their disastrous marriage She tries to make him see from her POV that money is not the be all end all of marriage He took her for granted before she drums it on his head now that he gotta change his attitude by not putting his career as 1st priority his family in the backseat any He owns up to his past mistakes He doesn t grovel get down on his knees but he redeems himself by trying to spend time w her their baby to make his marriage work I had several minor hurdles to overcome in reading this book I really luved both HH s POVs just like the previous MM I ve read Bought for marriage Got 4 MM in my TBR 1st of all the hero s name Luigi It s a legit Italian s name but in my mind I ve always had to replace it w another whenever I read a book w this name cuz it reminded of me of the plumber Mario s green clad bulbous nosed cute as a button twin bro cum sidekick nemesis from 1 of my all time fav Nintendo games Super Mario bros It s silly I know 2nd the secret baby Yeah it s prevalent in HPlandia but the reason the young preggers heroine walked outta her marriage kept her 3 yo li l daughter a secret from the hero was not credible to me If her hubby had been an abusive hole like the infamous pig Sean Culhane I woulda empathized understood her reasoning Nope in this case only cuz the hero is emotionally vacant due to his deprived difficult upbringing Well least he s a rebel w a cause LOL Per heroine she didn t wish her kid to grow up w a workaholic money driven daddy For Luigi public display of affection is a foreign concept having been neglected by his parents being taken away tossed around between foster homes since he s 8 yo He s 1 of those uber alpha rags to riches heroes who are incapable of expressing his feelings verbally his belief that the money he earns the security he provides his wife backfires on his marriage they got hitched when she s only 18 yo He s determined that he ll have earned 1 mil by the time he s 30 yo Alas his breath taking mansion doesn t impress his wife They can t see eye to eye when it comes to the meaning of luv marriage 1 day she decided she s had enuff of his absence lack of affection just up left wout telling him her parents3rd the excuse heroine gives hero for disappearing from her hubby s her parents lives who adore hero that if she d given him advance warning he woulda tried to stop her from deserting him So here we have the usual non existent communication between HH He had no telltale signs that there was trouble in paradise The self made hero thought she understood his drive ambition he s a wunderkind in Information Technology world 4th the obtuse hero He s admitted that he s aware of the fact that his gorgeous red haired PA has the hots for him but the feeling isn t mutual He s adamant that there s no hanky panky whatsoever going on between em their relationship is purely professional yet we re told from his POV that he treats her to dinners weekend getaways as just rewards cuz he s a slave driver Even in the end after heroine tells him that the reason she had a hard time believing his repetitive claims of innocence that the PA herself has blatantly made a bold faced lie that they ve been having an affair he still finds it v hard to believe that his PA would spin a web of lies Now I m not a man but if I were one found out from my own luv of my life mother of my child that my PA was a fork tongued viper who tried her darndest to wreck my marriage I d sack her w no recommendations Instead all he does promise the heroine is to have a serious talk give the PA an ultimatum to behave or else leave Even if she s the most valuable PA in the universe every worker s replaceable There s gotta be 1 potential PA out there who can be re trained trusted in outside the office Knowing the real colors of the PA would be sufficient to dismiss her for good Once a liar always a liar U just use your common sense that sometime down the road the PA might try to cause trouble in his marriage again Typical of men hero doesn t seem to grasp that 3 s a crowd U d think that the hero d realize removing the thorn on his side would be conducive to the longevity of his holy matrimony Having said all that I thought it was well written I still luved MM s writing style I also liked that the hero had compunctions that he had to blackmail his wife spend Xmas w him sort out their marriage problems He s confident that they can make another go it if they can lay it out in the open Even tho it s a bitter pill to swallow he says than once that he ll never forgive her for denying him the 1st 3 yrs of his child s life he doesn t punish heroine for it He s all for confrontation if it means saving his marriage He learns that sometimes words speak louder than action

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Margaret MayoJessica R Mayo was born on February 7 1936 in Staffordshire England and has remained within the county all of her life It was never her ambition to become a writer although she always loved reading even to the extent of reading comics out loud to her twin brother when she was eight years old In fact her only writing experience was in letters to various pen pals around the world She unfortunately lost touch with them now and often wonders whether any of them have ever discovered that her chatty letters were the forerunner to her writing careerShe left school to become a secretary taking a break to have her two children Adrian and Tina Once they were at school she started back to work and planned to further her career by becoming a bi lingual secretary Unfortunately she couldn't speak any languages other than her native English so she began evening classes It was at this time that she got the idea for a romantic short story to this day she doesn't know where the idea came from or why but she thanks her lucky stars because it kick started her career Margaret and her mother before her had always read Mills Boon romances and to actually be writing one excited her beyond measure'My life began at forty' is another one of her favourite sayings because that is when her first book was published two and a half years after she first set pen to paper that first book was written long before she felt confident enough to send it offHaving those books accepted was the happiest and most exciting day of her life She waltzed her husband around the room and their two children thought they'd gone mad until they were told the good newsHer first two submitted novels were accepted simultaneously and now she has over sixty five to her credit When she looks at them lined up on her bookshelf she wonders how she has managed to write all those millions of words She is a hopeless romantic who loves writing She falls in love with every one of her heroes and likes to boast about how many 'love affairs' she's hadMargaret gets so immersed in her writing that one day before she made writing her full time career and did most of her writing at the office her daughter phoned to ask whether she could come and meet her out of work Margaret told her not to be silly because it was foggy Her daughter said 'But it's sunny here' And when Margaret looked out of the window the sun was shining Her hero and heroine were lost out in a sea of fogBefore she became a successful author Margaret was extremely shy and found it difficult to talk to strangers For research purposes she forced herself to speak to people from all walks of life and now says her shyness has gone forever to a certain degree She is still happier pouring her thoughts out on paperCopied from

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    35 starsHero finds his long lost wife surprise daughter per chance He overhears a li’l gal telling Santa Claus that all she wants for Xmas is a daddy an upscale Dept store he recently acuired He’s flabbergasted that the kid’s mom is none other his estranged wife He finds out where she lives demands that they spend X

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    Actions speak louder than words And it was never obvious then this bookWorkaholic hero overhears a little girl asking Santa for a daddy He's shocked to find out the little girl's mother is his estranged wife Back in the day when he married her he swore he'd make a million by the time he was 30 To realize his ambition he worked every day exc

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    Leído en Mayo 2013

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    Originally posted at A Girl that Likes BooksThis is a 2 in 1 review along with Un bouleversant Noël Azur French E

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    I don't think the hero made up for anything By the time the novel ended it was almost a waste to read because there was really no solution He should of told the villain to get the eff out

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    this is a awsome book it's vearry romantic

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