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W convergence was sparked by anime with its astoundingly broad merchandising of images and its franchising across media and commodities He also explains for the first time how the rise of anime cannot be understood properly historically economically and culturally without grasping the integral role that the media mix played from the start Engaging with film animation and media studies as well as analyses of consumer culture and theories of capitalism Steinberg offers the first sustained study of the Japanese mode of convergence that informs global media practices to this d

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Anime’s Media Mix

E was the poster boy or in his case “sticker boy” both for Meiji Seika’s chocolates and for what could happen when a goggle eyed cartoon child fell into the eager clutches of creative marketers It was only a short step Steinberg makes clear from Astro Boy to Pokémon and beyondSteinberg traces the cultural genealogy that spawned Astro Boy to the transformations of Japanese media culture that followed and forward to the even profound developments in global capitalism supported by the circulation of characters like Doraemon Hello Kitty and Suzumiya Haruhi He details ho

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In Anime’s Media Mix Marc Steinberg convincingly shows that anime is far than a style of Japanese animation Beyond its immediate form of cartooning anime is also a uniue mode of cultural production and consumption that led to the phenomenon that is today called “media mix” in Japan and “convergence” in the WestAccording to Steinberg both anime and the media mix were ignited on January 1 1963 when Astro Boy hit Japanese TV screens for the first time Sponsored by a chocolate manufacturer with savvy marketing skills Astro Boy uickly became a cultural icon in Japan H

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    Overall this was an interesting and informative look at the rise of media mix in pre and post WWII Japan Anime and Advertising media mix are both analyzed and so the text offers some interesting marxisteconomic analysis of the increasingly popular mode of consuming media Although the author hinted at some connections to the modern practice of media mix or convergence media in the US and other Western countries those r

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    Drawing on the theories of Benjamin Deleuze and others Steinberg renders a very detailed historicization and analysis of media convergence in the context of Japanese popular culture

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