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Eight of political power in Jaipur It is a masterful portrayal of ambition desire betrayal and anguish enacted against the shifting terrain of family dynamics.

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The story of Tapti Gaina is intimately linked with the lives of two men her husband and his brother Exploring caste student politics the freedom struggle and.

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The Emergency Brothers traces the history of the Gaina family beginning with their village origins across the emerging metropolis of Ajmer and ending at the h.

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    Week 51 Book 90Brothers A Novel by Manju KapurRating 35I've been a fan of Manju Kapur's novels which usually revolve around female protagonists in a variety of settings It was obvious I'd pick this one up don't know how I missed it all these years and though her writing style characters or plotline didn't disappoint me the ending wa

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    Story set in backward of Rajasthan village fron where there story or lineage of a Gaina Jat family is shown how brother's

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    A 25 readAbout the Book#Brothers is a novel about assassination of Himmat Singh Gaina chief minister of the province of Rajasthan by his younger brother Mangal Tapti the wife of Mangal and a lover of Himmat The novel slowly unfolds

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