M. David Merrill [Ebook epub] First Principles of Instruction

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    Although Merrill provides a great approach to meaningful instruction and assessment the text itself was a bit too repetitive and often did not validate the suggestions through supporting research or evidence However the pebble in the pond problem based approach is congruent with recent teaching and learning trends and worthy of consideration

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FREE READ ó MZINES.CO.UK õ M. David Merrill

This handy resource describes and illustrates the concepts underlying the First Principles of Instruction and illustrates First Principles and their application in a wide variety of instructional products The book introduces the e3 Co.

FREE READ First Principles of Instruction

First Principles of Instruction

Ed a Pebble in the Pond instructional design model with an accompanying e3 ID Checklist This checklist enables instructional designers to design and develop instructional products that adeuately implement First Principles of Instructi.

FREE READ ó MZINES.CO.UK õ M. David Merrill

Urse Critiue Checklist that can be used to evaluate existing instructional product It also provides directions for applying this checklist and illustrates its use for a variety of different kinds of courses The Author has also develop.