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  • Nietzsche
  • MR Rene John Pouteau
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  • 11 November 2019
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Er you are familiar or not with the inventor of such concepts as the Eternal Return the Will to Power or the Overman the play is an accessible portrait of the man behind the philosophy and shows how intricately both were intertwined From the introduction If we are to understand him we must first see the man behind the philosopher see his shyness and his eagerness to learn understand the power of admiration The center of gravity that makes his philosophy one of t.

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Nietzsche The Silence of Zarathustra is a biographical play that gives life to the great thinker through an intimate portrait where family friends and contemporaries come together to evoke a dying nineteenth century Beginning after his breakdown the play makes Nietzsche's life come alive through a series of flashbacks that take us from meetings with Richard Wagner or Lou Salome to his breakdown and impotent end manipulated and exploited by his proud sister Wheth.

Summary Nietzsche

He most challenging what does not kill you makes you stronger It is what empowered him to create a uniue and complex body of thought we still debate passionately today In the end though madness and death do appear to have vanuished the man his self professed posthumous glory pebble in destiny's shoe has proven his philosophy stronger and perceptive than his detractors would have had us think It is why despite his ultimate silence he is still so challenging today.